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University operates the Hindustan Alumni Association (HITSAA), which has completed several years of active functioning since its installation in 1993. HITSAA is registered as a Society (Sl. No. 156/2014) under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act 27 of 1975. HITSAA Office is situated in the campus and is operated by Alumni.

HITSAA acts as a bridge between the alumni and the University, and provides a channel of communication for interactions between the current students, staff and alumni, for their mutual benefit. HITSAA is directly responsible for the management of Alumni Relations of the University and oversees all matters pertaining to Alumni, which includes catering to the needs of alumni, establishment and operation of National and International Alumni Chapters, Batch-wise/region-wise Alumni Reunions and all other events involving Alumni.

Membership of HITSAA is open for

  • All graduates of erstwhile Hindustan College of Engineering (HCE),
  • All graduates of Hindustan University - Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science (HITS)
  • All such people who pursued Short term, Certificate or Diploma programmes from the University.

HITSAA has established the following Alumni Chapters till date.

  • HITSAA UAE Alumni Chapter (in Dubai)
  • HITSAA GCC Alumni Chapter (in Sultanate of Oman)
  • HITSAA SAARC Alumni Chapter (in Bhutan)
  • HITSAA Chennai Chapter (in Chennai - University Campus)

Plans are underway to inaugurate Alumni Chapters at Singapore, USA, Bangaloreand Kerala

The official HITSAA Facebook group has over 7000 members and is used as a means of communicating latest updates and news to Alumni. Alumni and their Alma Mater interact and exchange news, information and accomplishments on a day-to-day basis and Alumni in turn respond to the posts. Placement opportunities for alumni and existing students are posted through the group. Separate HITSAA groups also exist for inernational Alumni Chapters to share news and information. The Official HITSAA FB Group can be found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/Hindustan.Alumni.Association/

HITSAA Database is constantly updated through telephone and email campaigns by the respective Department Alumni Coordinators and student teams. Currently the database has over 9000 alumni records.

HITSAA Executive Committee comprising Alumni from different batches meets every semester to dwell upon the activities undertaken, to plan and execute Alumni events for the forthcoming season. Department Alumni Coordinators and student teams facilitate alumni relations of respective departments.

HITSAA releases its Annual Newsletter 'My Hindustan' every year featuring Alumni news, achievements, articles and snippets.

As set forth in the Byelaws, the primary objectives of HITSAA are

  • To strengthen alumni connections with their Alma Mater and with each other
  • To systematically and steadily uplift the image and status of Hindustan University, both nationally and internationally
  • To become the voice of the alumni in all matters related to the betterment of the University
  • To foster continuing professional/academic development of the University
  • To project nationally and internationally University's contribution to numerous fields of education

HITSAA is steadily working towards achieving all its objectives gradually.


The University in association with HITSAA organises the Annual Alumni Meet every year wherein alumni from all the batches interact and network with each other. Further batchwise reunions are regularly organised,. Silver Jubilee Reunions of the first three batches (1989, 1990, 1991) were held on campus in August 2014, August 2015 and July 2016 respectively, wherein Alumni settled far and wide came together and celebrated the memorable occasion. Senior Alumni interact with student and faculty during their visits to campus. They also felicitate their teachers who taught them, during the events.

First batch MBA (1996) Alumni met in the campus in July 2014. Further, individual Departments / Schools also organise Alumni Meets for their respective Alumni for exchange of knowledge and information between their alumni and current students Alumni representatives contribute to curriculum design / updates in many Schools / departments.


Alumni representatives are members of Board of Studies in respective departments'. Alumni provide advice and guidance in enhancing the curriculum and in upgrading the laboratories with latest developments in their fields of specialisation and current trends in the Industry

As per one of the HITSAA objectives, Alumni take part in the Hindustan Technology Business Incubation (HTBI) and Hindustan Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre (HEIC), by mentoring and inspiring student entrepreneurs.

Alumni visit the campus regularly to deliver Guest Lectures and Seminars on upcoming areas in technology. Alumni deliver motivational lectures too and inspire students through their experiences and informative talks.

Alumni come forward to offer Internships and Placements to existing students. Few Campus interviews were also organised by Alumni for their junior alumni as well as students.

An Alumni Team is constituted for Industrial Relations from different alumni batches and assists the University in sustaining relationship with Industry.


  • Hindustan Group 50th Year Alumni Reunion at Dubai - 14 Oct 2016
  • Inauguration of Singapore Alumni Chapter at Singapore - 22 Oct 2016
  • Inauguration of HITSAA Bangalore Alumni Chapter - Nov 2016
  • Inauguration of HITSAA Kerala Alumni Chapter - Dec 2016
  • Inauguration of Alumni Chapters in the United States - Feb / March 2017
  • Silver Jubilee Re-union of Fourth batch (1988 - 92) at Padur Campus - July / Aug 2017

UAE Chapter Reunions

Annual Alumni Meet Feb-2016

3rd Batch (1991) Silver Jubilee Reunion

2rd Batch (1990) Silver Jubilee Reunion

Alumni Meet 2013