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TIFAC-CORE in Aircraft Maintenance is a world class facility which caters to the growth and sustainability of the aviation sector. CORE focused on developing skilled manpower in the area of aircraft maintenance, synergising the strength of the institute and adequately supported by the government. The areas of Aircraft Maintenance, Avionics, Aircraft Instrumentation and Aircraft Management are explored with emphasis on training on live aircrafts.

TIFAC-CORE in Aircraft Maintenance offers Post Graduate Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance for engineering graduates and short term courses for employees of Industry. Over 800 engineers of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, (HAL) have undergone specialized training in Aeronautics & Manufacturing Technology, Introduction to Avionics, Aircraft Design & Manufacturing and Aerodynamics & Avionics. TIFAC-CORE also conducts short term training in Airframe Repair and Maintenance for industry aspirants and offers consultancy for Aviation Industry.

Objectives :

  • To conduct Masters and Certificate Courses in Aircraft Maintenance and Avionics.
  • To conduct Short-Term Certificate Courses in Aircraft Maintenance and Avionics for those working in Aviation Sector as well as the student community.
  • To implement on-job training to students in Aircraft Maintenance, Avionics, etc.
  • To conduct Induction Training Programmes for staff from the Aviation Industry.
  • To conduct seminars and symposia as well as value addition programmes on Aircraft Maintenance, Avionics, Quality Control Procedures, etc. for Aviation Professionals.
  • To establish an excellent centre for R&D in Avionics, Aircraft Instruments, etc.
  • To offer Engineering Solutions and Consultancy.
  • To set up a maintenance base for imparting on-job training to students on live aircraft.
  • Certificate Programmes:

  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. (Airframe & Engine).
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. (Avionics)
  • Advanced Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Methods.

Contact: Coordinator, TIFAC, School of Aeronautical Sciences | Website: www.tifaccorehindustan.org