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Vison & Mission

Vision & Mission


To Make Every Man Success and No Man Failure


Hindustan University shall transform itself into a knowledge generator while imparting quality technical education and become one of the best Technical Research Universities by 2020.

Research Policy

To achieve the above mission, a robust Research Policy aims at improving the research culture in the University. The research culture depends on three domains viz. 1) Trifocal function of Faculty (Teaching, Research & Development, Community Service and Extension), 2) Faculty attributes and Output (Knowledge, skills, values and attitude) and 3) Institutional Attributes and Policies which influence each other.

  • Achieving 100 % qualified (PhD) faculty by 2020
  • Producing atleast 100 PhDs per year
  • Publishing 200 Publications per year in Peer reviewed Journals in next Five years and 300 per year by 2020
  • Getting 100 Patents (Process, Product and Design) by 2020

Action Plan:

The faculty shall be made aware that their functions involve Teaching, Research and generation of knowledge / technology useful to the society. They shall be actively involved in carrying out at least one research project. To improve their knowledge, skills and attitude, they shall be encouraged to undergo courses, training in India or abroad. University shall take policy initiatives to improve the research culture.


  • Efforts shall be made to recruit faculty with PhD.
  • Existing faculty shall be encouraged to do PhD at the earliest.
  • Efforts shall be made to admit full time research fellows. University may offer fellowships for the full time scholars initially for few years.
  • Research fellows may be allowed to have co-supervisors from IIT, Anna University or other Institutions of international repute.
  • The research fellows may be encouraged to have co- supervisors from Collaborating Universities abroad and spend some time in those Universities.
  • The faculty from collaborating Universities from abroad and Institutions shall be made Adjunct Faculty and provision for payment of local hospitality and honorarium may be made.
  • Video Conferencing Facility established already shall be used for regular interactions.
  • Research Facilities (Space and equipments) to be augmented.
  • Incentive scheme for carrying out research shall be evolved.