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About The Center (MIDARC):

Machine Intelligence and Data Analysis Research Centre (MIDARC) has been established with two international partners Stevens Institute of Technology, USA as Academic partner and Machine Intelligence Research (MIR) Labs, USA a global non-profit academic consortium and IBM as industry partner. The purpose and the objective of establishing this center is to offer an integral and ideal platform for the research scholars to coordinate and focus the multifarious domain specific research acumen in delivering a cutting edge technical solution and applications to the lingering business problem. The incubation of this center MIDARC happens to fall in line with time when the current digital world/era is governed by Computational Intelligence, Big Data Analytics and Cognitive Computing.

Why do we need?

It is believed that the future Internet is going to provide us the framework to integrate, control or operate virtually any device, appliance, monitoring systems, infrastructures etc. An Internet enabled cyber-ecosystem is not far away. Such a complex system has to be autonomous and able to continuously adapt, providing the required quality of service levels according to different service level agreements, without requiring the need of much human intervention. The challenge is to design intelligent machines and networks that could communicate and adapt according to critic or error information, self-organize and resilient in case of a system, service or component failure due to natural cause or a malicious attack.

Currently a lot of focused research works is going in different areas and most of these results are confined to the institutions and laboratories. We believe that this Centre would integrate the various research efforts to build complex intelligent machines and networks that can tackle our complex problems of the future.

Vision and Mission:

The vision of the MIDARC center is to transform into best in quality world class and self-sustained research Centre offering an integral platform to synergize the research potential in realizing the best of breed, state of art business solutions through the deployment of cutting edge technologies and applications. The Mission of the center is to usurp the resources and infrastructure in an optimal way to emerge as a full-fledged research Centre with rich portfolio of research projects accrued from top nodal funding agencies.

The center would focus on the following research areas:

  1. Machine Intelligence
  2. Big data Analytics
  3. Cloud Computing
  4. Cyber Physical Systems
  5. Natural Language Processing
  6. Knowledge Management
  7. Pattern Recognition
  8. Cognitive Computing

These expertise areas are built on active interdisciplinary collaborations with research groups from university's schools, as well as with national and international research centers. The center would also have on its advisory board researchers and scientist working in international universities and Research centers.


1. To offer a platform for the department's research scholars to carry out their research work in an effective way with the guidance offered by the domain experts drawn from various world class universities and research labs viz. USA, UK as technical advisors, adjunct faculty and co-supervisors for the research scholars. Currently there are 30 research scholars who have registered for research work in the department from both academia and leading industries like Microsoft, TCS, HCL, and Accenture. The main area of research is Machine Intelligence, Big data analytics, data mining Machine learning, Natural Language Processing, Image Processing etc.,

The breakdown of research scholars is as follows:
       Number of full time scholars : 05
       Number of Part time scholars : 30

2. To conduct Bachelors's degree in Data Science, Cognitive science and Master's as well as certificate courses on Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing and Machine Intelligence which is aimed at training the students on a specialized and niche domain that provides a better and fitting dimension to the students to have a competitive edge over others in placement opportunities.

3. The center is also planning the following:
      • Collaborative research projects
      • Workshop/conference
      • Joint Publications
      • Consultancy services
      • To offer post graduate courses

Future Plans and Activities:

1. Jointly applying for World Bank ROBERT S.McNAMARA Fellowship – in progress.
2. To institute a course on Data Science
3. To initiate joint research in demanding areas like Big Data Analytics, Security Intelligence etc and source funds from various funding agencies.

Societal Benefits:

• The Centre has plans to develop projects that will tactfully address the lingering/enduring problems in agricultural sector that aids in weeding out undesirable problems thereby improving productivity and returns.
• Plans are also on anvil to deliberate and develop indigenous projects that will curtail the impact of global warming.
• Pollution Monitoring, Health care domain and waste management are the other issues where the centre plans to plunge and propose remedial measures to mitigate its impact and influence.

Highlights / Achievements

• Multipronged Innovative techniques are formulated to steer the scholar's research prudence in right track to culminate developing cutting edge and state of the art solutions to daunting business problems. The Department has already initiated joint seminars, workshops and collaborative research with the partners toincubate a centre in the area of Machine Intelligence and Data Analytics.

• Dr.Ajith Abraham, Director, Machine Intelligence Research Labs, USA and DrChandramouliThomas E. Hattrick Chair Professor of Information Systems, Stevens Institute of Technology, USA is collaborating with the center as Supervisor and doctoral committee member for Ph.Dprogrammes.

Activities ConductedJoint Workshops and Seminars:

• Two day International Workshop on Machine Intelligence conducted during May 20th and 21st 2013 with Dr.Ajith Abraham, Director, Machine Intelligence Research Labs, USA as the resource person.
image • One day International Seminar on Research Opportunities in Big Data during 18th March 2014 with Dr.R.ChandramouliProfessor, Stevens Institute Of Technology, U.S.A as Resource Person
image • One day International Seminar on Exploring Big Data with Social Media Analytics during 22nd May 2014 delivered by Dr.Ajith Abraham, Director, Machine Intelligence Research Labs, USA
image • International Seminar on Resilience Engineering by Dr. Emmanuel Ramirez Marquez and Financial Engineering by Dr. KhaldounKhashana, Professors from Stevens Institute of Technology, USA during September 12th 2014 as Resource Persons


Dr.Ajith Abraham
Director, Machine Intelligence Research Labs (MIR Labs), USA
Thomas Hattrick Chair Professor of Information system
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Stevens institute of technology, USA
Dr.Kuriakose Athappilly
Professor, Department of Business Information Systems
Western Michigan University,USA.
Distinguished Service Professor and Program Director Financial Engineering
Stevens institute of technology, USA
Dr.Lakmi Jain
Adjunct Professor, School of Engineering
Mawson Lakes Campus.
University of South Australia, Australia.
Dr. Sanjay Jain
Professor, School of Computing Science
National University of Singapore, Singapore


Dr. L. Sobha
Scientist, Computational Linguistics ResarchGroup,
AU-KBC Research Centre, Anna University, Chennai
Dr. Madhavan Mukund
Professor and Dean of Studies
Chennai Mathematical Institute
Dr. MehulVora
Scientist TCS Innovation Lab
Dr. V. Kamakoti
Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
IIT Madras, Chennai
Mr. R.Hari
IBM GMU Lead (Growth Market Unit)
STG Tech University Business Development and Ecosystem


Mr.Siju Mammen Philip (Center - Head)
MIDARC, Hindustan University
Padur, Chennai