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MCA specialization in Big Data Analytics

  • MCA specialization in Big Data Analytics

About the Course

With the rapid proliferation and mushrooming of social networking sites and vivid online business transactions huge data/information is generated in a bigger way possessing volume, velocity, veracity, variety as traits/attributes tagged with it. The organizations are now in a race to deploy business analytical tools that are intelligent enough to decipher the hidden business strategies, decisions, trends and patterns that can significantly steer to achieve business excellence in a competition driven era. This program is focused on helping the student to harness the potential of "big data" to make more informed decisions at all levels of your organization.

The course is built on the concept of decision-making which requires both art (experience & intuition) and science (analytics) in the present complex marketplace. This programme also explores leading-edge information management tools and organizational strategies for capturing, organizing, and acting on data. Moreover the potential of unstructured, large-volume data on new product and service offerings is examined.

Salient Features

"Big Data Analytics" the current hot industry buzzword is being offered by drawing inputs from industry experts in designing the course curriculum, syllabus, project internship and training modules adopting pragmatic pedagogical principles and practices. Big data applications are receiving immense attention because of the competitive advantages they offer.

Objective of the course

  • Understanding distributed , parallel, cloud computing and SQL concepts
  • Understanding of concepts of map and reduce and functional programming
  • Gain conceptual understanding of Hadoop Distributed File System.
  • Gain conceptual understanding of analytics concepts, algorithms and statistical tests

Career Opportunities

As organizations worldwide race to implement the new era of big data applications, they quickly find that the skills they need are in short supply—and the gap is widening. Students possessing big data analytical and diagnostic skills and fundamental ideas on big data and its challenges are sure to reap maximum benefits and placement offers in the job market.

Duration : 3 Years