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M.Tech – Avionics with specialization in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

  • M.Tech – Avionics with specialization in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

About the Course

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are the wave of the future when it comes to aerial surveillance and find increasing applications both in civil and military fields. The military uses for UAVs are pretty obvious as they provide an enormous amount of intelligence without putting any human harm and also render the additional advantage of eliminating human fatigue. Illustrating this, UAV operators on long flights can simply transfer to other operators, something impossible on surveillance aircraft. Presently it is one of the important growth and research area in the defense sector. The military's effective use of UAVs in recent conflicts has highlighted their successes, and thereby vigorously driving UAV technology developments everywhere.

Salient Features

Unmanned system engineers are critical to the positions of technical management and development of complex unmanned systems. These professionals are responsible for

  • planning,
  • coordinating,
  • budgeting

The efforts that translate operational need into technology requirements. They use their skills to determine whether a system will meet

  • cost
  • schedule
  • performance goals

System engineers perform a central role in realizing the success of unmanned systems. They are in good demand both in private and government sectors.

Career Opportunities

The students after completing their course get placed in top aeronautical industries and government agencies in India, such as, the following;

  • Conduct air reconnaissance, surveillance, targeting and acquisition missions.
  • Plan and analyze flight missions.
  • Perform preflight, in flight and post flight checks and procedures.
  • Launch and recover air frame from runway.
  • Perform maintenance on communications equipment, power sources, light/heavy wheeled vehicles and crane operation.
  • Director of Engineering
  • UAV Program Manager
  • UAV Project Manager
  • UAV Program Integration Manager
  • UAV Technical Project Manager
  • UAV Business Area Manager
  • Chief UAV Engineer
  • UAV Systems Engineer
  • UAV Engine Designer
  • UAV Flight Test Engineer
  • UAV Programmer
  • UAV Analyst

Duration : 2 Years