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Professional Diploma in IT Infrastructure Management

  • Professional Diploma in IT Infrastructure Management

About the Courses

In today's Global Economy which is driven by both IT and data, the relevant role and use of information technology has gained prominence within an enterprise. Information systems, have emerged as a critical asset in shaping and transforming the rules of business competition, determining the operational success of organizations. Information systems comprising of hardware and software is designed to capture and manage the processes which have reshaped the business landscape of 21st Century. They have emerged as the building blocks to shape the data products and services, culminating to business insights sought by companies, industries and countries at large. IT Infrastructure Management represents a massive market and remains engrossed by global giants, offshore expertise in this market is a tremendous requirement.

Professional Diploma in IT Infrastructure Management aims at equipping the individuals with the requisite technical foundations to meet the needs of the industry and take up a career in the domain area of IT infrastructure Administration. The course deals with the use of information systems at large deployed within business enterprises. It dwells within the portals of information technology coupled to business domains and unravels the techniques of IT infrastructure applicable to support a company, support business strategies and core processes with computer-based systems.

Scope of the Program

This is a professional course built on the foundations of technology, introducing the students to the lifecycle of data and information including the aspects of system administration, remote administration, network administration, apart from risk and business continuity built over the foundations of IT infrastructure Library. Students understand the use of information systems that encourages them to increase the system efficiencies, improve personal effectiveness and/or gain a competitive advantage. At the end of the course, students will be able to appreciate what is information technology and how it is used by organizations today to improve their efficiency and profitability. Students are expected to recognize, appraise, classify, and demonstrate dexterity in designing IT infrastructure blue prints, deploying, and managing IT infrastructure rollouts. Students will apply their learning to solve problems exposed through informal appraisal, such as oral communication among students and between teacher and students. This course includes lab study designed to inflate important design and configuration skills. This course is mapped to various certifications exams from an industrial point of view.

Course Structure


1. DIT101 IT Infrastructure Architecture
2. DIT102 SIEM and Log trails
3. DIT103 IT Infrastructure management
4. DIT104 System Administration
5. DIT105 Operations management


6. DIT106 Remote Infrastructure/ Network Lab
7. DIT107 Project

Career opportunities

All the major organizations are in the lookout for professionals to enhance their human resource capital with higher technical and managerial skill sets to increase the bottom line savings. All the large organizations have an IT hardware deployment of about 1000 to 5000 work stations in their private LAN. The sheer task of managing such volumes of hardware is a nightmare and there is always a need for better resources. Organizations including public sector organizations, Internet service providers, Manufacturing, Banking, IT, BPO and financial industries are in the lookout for specialized administration skills coupled with ITIL and risk management skills to ensure high availability of their infrastructure.

Collaborative Program between Hindustan University and HTC ITMR

Duration: 6 Months