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THEATRE TIME - WATCHING WILD TALES | Event Date: Sunday, 4th, November 2018



On the 4th of November, 64 Students along with 2 staff members of HITS had a quality time watching the play (Tanglish theatrical drama) ‘WILD TALES’ directed by Mr. Sriram Jeevan at the TTK Music Academy. HITS was a proud knowledge sponsor of this event.

Wild Tales is a compilation of 4 short stories; each depicting on wild incidents that do not happen in an ordinary life. Though the stories & motives differ, they all have a common element that: they are wild in their own way. The 4 different stories of a thief, a prostitute, a couple & a policeman beautifully gave its own beat to the song of WILD TALES that lasted for an hour and a half.

Betrayed by the society, 4 thieves seek revenge by planning to loot a bank which ends in vain as the beast inside each of them has its own thirst leading to a chaos costing all their lives. Searching for LOVE in a world of lust, a young beautiful prostitute falls in the trap of love with a vampire. All her dreams of ‘And Happily Ever After’ ends even before she could realize what has killed her. Young, Drunk & Broke is this Husband who's madly in love with Dora more than his wife. Eventually he realizes what true love is & gets along with his wife. A serial killer. How does he do it? Who and where is he? All these questions are answered by a 'not so smart policeman'. But who the killer was is all concerned- a famous psychologist. This bewildered the whole lot & all one could think was 'is this what fame does to one'?

If Hollywood has got Morgan Freeman as GOD, then Tamil Nadu has got its own Supreme Star Sarath Kumar as God. Who could've done it any better than him? All everyone asks God is ‘Why me?’ ‘Will I go heaven or hell?’ or simply ascertains, ‘All this is because of fate!’

There voices God, the ultimate truth—
“You're the artist of this beautiful art called Life' & it's not God.
So if you're blaming God for what you've become or done,
Remember, you're only cheating yourself!”