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AUAP-UBAYA SUMMER PROGRAM | Event Date: Monday, 1st, February 2021 -Friday, 5th, February 2021

In the AUAP-UBAYA Summer Schools programme titled "Dealing with the Covid-19 Pandemic and Vaccine: Best Practices” hosted by Surabaya University, Indonesia between 1 and 5 Feb. 2021, a total of 22 students across various branches of Hindustan participated. The programme, delivered Online, included Virtual Tours of Indonesia covering Tourism, Language, Art, and Culture. Participants got insight as how Indonesia deals with the effect of Covid-19 pandemic on the economic, scientific, law, and social perspectives and administration process of safe and efficient COVID-19 vaccine and Cybercrime. Students shared their ideas, updates and initiatives taken by their respective Government; and the platform generated awareness along with reducing the monotony of the global pandemic. The summer programme also facilitated the global networking of 426 students from 9 countries.


Ms. Mansi (BA English) :  “I really enjoyed the program. The best part of all for me was having people from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds come together to learn about the pandemic that has stopped almost the entire world today. I am really glad that I was a part of such an educational programme.”

Mr. Ganeshan, (B.Tech. CSE) : “It was a great Summer Program. The sessions were really valuable and I gained a lot of new knowledge.”

Mr. Natrajabishek (B.Tech. Auto) :  “It was like a super experience, I enjoyed all session very much.”

Ms. Neeraja, (B.Tech. Mechatronics) : “The program was informative and was delivered in a fun way that kept me engaged throughout all the sessions.”