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ANTI – RAGGING CAMPAIGN AND RALLY | Event Date: Friday, 18th, August 2023

The Ant-Ragging Campaign and Rally was held on 18 August 2023 at the Bay Range Campus. The Campaign aimed to educate the senior students on the negative consequences of ragging so that they would understand ragging is not just harmless fun, but can lead to serious mental health issues, dropouts, and even suicides in extreme cases. The Chief Guest for the event was Mr. Pavan Kumar Reddy, IPS., Deputy Commissioner of Police, Tambaram, Chennai. The event was also graced by Dr. R. W. Alexander Jesudasan, Pro Vice Chancellor; Dr. Muthukumar Subramanian, Registrar; Dr. K. S. Shaji, Dean and Ms. Been James. Head (i/c), Office of Student Affairs.

Mr. Pavan Kumar in his address pointed out to the negative repercussions of ragging. He informed that those who engage in such behaviour not only face severe consequences but also tarnish their family's reputation. He narrated a personal anecdote about his own family member who was expelled from school due to involvement in ragging. Hence, he urged the students to initiate positive interactions with their fellow peers and juniors emphasizing the importance of friendship and mentorship over intimidation. The Commissioner also advised the students to think of the sacrifices parents make to provide them education and urged them to use their time wisely to determine their paths and priorities. He reminded them not to lose sight of their ambitions and to strive to make their teachers and parents proud.

In his presidential address, Dr. R. W. Alexnder Jesudasan, delving into the history of ragging, explained that its original purpose was to welcome first-year students, introduce them to institutional traditions, and foster friendly bonds with their seniors. However, over the years, this practice had degenerated into something brutal, detrimental, and intolerable. The Pro Vice Chancellor alarmingly insisted that whoever encourages or solicits ragging will face the same consequences. He expressed his satisfaction that HITS has unequivocally rejected this practice, treating even minor incidents with utmost seriousness. He then urged the audience of the importance of reporting any such incidents promptly.

The Campaign begin with a captivating mime performance by students followed by the welcome address delivered by Dr. Muthukumar Subramanian, Registrar. The vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. K. S. Shaji, Dean – Student Affairs. The Campaign closed with a street play staged by the Hindustan Masquerade Theatre and the Anti-Ragging Rally.

As part of the Anti-Ragging Week, competitions such as face painting, essay and poetry writing, and poster and logo making were conducted. Students across the departments participated in large numbers. Prizes were distributed on the day of the Campaign.


Face Painting
First Prize - Mr. Mohammed Khalidh U – B. A. Sociology
Second Prize - Ms. Lakshitha D. J. – B. A. (LEP)

First Prize – Mr. P Joel – B. Tech. Biotechnology Engineering
Second Prize – Ms. Sanjana Hepzibah B. Tech. Aerospace Engineering

Essay Writing
First Prize – Ms. Jennis Rufina J. – B. Tech. Computer Science Engineering (Data Science)

Poster and Logo Making
First Prize – Mr. A. Keshav - B. Tech. Computer Science Engineering (Data Science)
Second Prize – Mr. C. S. Raghav - B. Tech. Computer Science Engineering (Data Science)
Third Prize – Mr. A. Mohammed Alhaan - B. Tech. Computer Science Engineering (Data Science)

Anti Ragging
Anti Ragging
Anti Ragging