Hindustan University


  • Salary: As per 6th Pay Scale and Statutory benefits.
  • Career advancement schemes for pursuing research (Ph.D. / PDF).
  • Performance based annual appraisal system for career advancements & recognitions / awards.
  • Incentive for publications in reputed journals, obtaining funded projects and consultancy.
  • Financial support for Professional growth (Conference, Workshop, Seminar, etc.,)
  • 15 Centres of Excellence to associate and improve knowledge.
  • Research forums / Groups to enhance intellectual growth.
  • Deputation of faculty to premier Institutions within India / abroad under Quality Improvement Programme(QIP).
  • Research allowances for Doctorates (funded research projects / guiding Research Scholars)
  • 2.5% of the funded research project is given as incentive.
  • Consultancy activities on revenue sharing basis.
  • Opportunity to avail of International benefits through our extensive network (43 Institutions and 28 Corporates).