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  • B.Sc. - Visual Communication

About the Programme

As the world moves further into technology-based communication, it is important for professionals to understand the approaches and techniques by which content is designed and displayed. A degree in Visual Communications can provide you with the skills to do just that. Students participating in this degree will learn how to work with the technology used in both digital and print publication, while also studying theories and practices of visual communication. Programme in this degree will range from traditional typography to digital design. A degree in Visual Communications can lead to careers as communication manager; graphics design manager, marketer, and design artists and illustrators, among others.

Those who have career interests in communicating visually can find a starting place in the following list of colleges and universities.             The Visual Communication Design programme educates and trains designers for the communication needs of industry and society. Emphasis is placed on the conception, creation, planning and realization of visual solutions to complex problems in contemporary culture. Students integrate methodology, prototyping, aesthetics, human factors, technology, materials, context and audience to develop strategies and solutions that give form to print, screen and the built environment.

Faculty emphasize the objectives of design rather than the process of production, and encourage innovative visual ideas that inform, interpret, instruct and persuade the intended user across the spectrum of application.             Students enrolled in the Visual Communications Design programme will develop the skills needed to plan communication strategies and develop effective visual products. The curriculum was written to prepare students for a rapidly evolving field that is influenced by advances in computer technology. Students develop an appreciation of traditional processes and new technologies as well as their critical thinking skills.

This programme engages students by allowing them to learn by doing. Class sizes are kept small so that students can work closely with their professors to explore their creativity, develop skills, and learn how to design in multiple media. Internships, study abroad programs, and field trips help students to find the right career path.

This degree programme also gives students the tools they need to report news and feature stories through media other than words. They will be able to get ideas across using photography, slideshows, and digital tools. The curriculum includes courses in editing and design, multimedia journalism, news writing, and reporting. Students choose from electives to focus on their particular interests.

This programme will also prepare them to start their own businesses, if they want to strike out on their own after graduation. Each student will be able to produce a portfolio that will showcase their work to prospective employers before they leave the program.

What's covered in the course?

  • The structure of our Visual Communication degree is designed with imaginative approaches to visual practice in the creative industries.
  • As a creative practitioner you are inspired to create and engage with industry, alongside taught elements.
  • Throughout the course you will have the chance to develop deep specialist knowledge, both in design and research.
  • The course provides an immersive and advanced learning experience for both advanced practitioners and recent graduates, within the broad field of Visual Communication.
  • Our Visual Communication course is designed to provide you with the best possible chance to further your skills and widen your knowledge of the communication arts.
  • The programme is rooted in practice, teaching you interdisciplinary design and research processes.

Why Choose Us?

  • Here at the School of Visual Communication, your knowledge will be challenged and developed. your creative practices will thrive. Graduates of our Visual Communication course will produce meaningful work that will be ground-breaking within the creative industries.
  • You will be supported by a highprofile group of practitioners, theorists, academics and professionals in the creative and cultural industries who will enable you to realise your potential.
  • Our involvement with the visual arts extends from staff and students exhibiting in major venues.

Career Prospects

    A degree in Visual Communications opens various avenues. There are numerous opportunities if you have the passion and thirst for creativity. Some of the career prospects are listed below.

  • Advertising Personnel
  • Photography professional
  • Graphics Designer
  • Graphics Artist
  • Animation Expert
  • E-Book Designer
  • Photo Editor
  • Short Film Maker
  • Cartoonists
  • Art Directors
  • Ad photographers
  • Event Managers
  • Scriptwriters
  • Broadcast Journalists
  • Editors
  • Directors
  • Ad film Makers
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Multimedia Developer
  • Web Graphics artists
  • Web Developer
  • Content writers
  • Copywriters


    We endow students with practical knowledge and mind - skills, an exhaustive exploration of the student's creative potential to achieve breakthrough in design innovation for a variety of media forms. To prepare for challenging positions in this competitive world, students will need to choose their educational program with care. Visual Communications degree programs would be an excellent choice for someone who wants to prepare for a rewarding career in this field.

Duration : 3 Years