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The University is on the main arterial road to the Chennai city. The University operates a fleet of 50 buses to all the important city spots for the benefit of students and staff. The services of University buses are utilized for industrial visits and excursions. Comfortable air conditioned buses are also available.



HITS makes student commuting, both within and outside the institution, as comfortable and convenient as possible. The Institute's buses transport students from all locations in and around Chennai. This enables day scholars to arrive on time.

In order to enhance the requirements of public transportation, HITS adheres to the following important characteristics:

1. EVERYONE'S SAFETY IS GUARANTEED: While travelling on our transportation, HITS provides the highest level of safety. Each bus has a faculty member in charge of guaranteeing the safety of students to the greatest extent possible. With the technological mechanisms in place, all buses are tracked during the journey, thus providing parents a stress-free experience. All our drivers possess heavy motor vehicle licence.

2. OBSERVING GOOD HYGIENE GUIDELINES: Standard SOP’s in general and in particular during COVID 19 period are strictly followed.

3. MAINTENANCE SERVICES THAT ARE APPROPRIATE: Our transportation service is constantly examined and maintained on a weekly basis. The safety and repair of the HITS arranged transportation facilities are supervised by a separate team. The vehicle compliance rule under the government order is also followed well by the institute, which provides all the legal documentation.

4. ADVANTAGES OF USING OUR TRANSPORTATION SERVICE: Every student may plan, discuss, prepare, communicate with faculty/staff/seniors, and generate the best possible output by using the institute's transportation service. HITS additionally takes into account the following factors,

  • a. It allows you to relax: You can take your time, snooze, avoid road rage, and avoid the stress of driving your own vehicle when you use our transportation.
  • b. You'll save time and money: By using HITS transportation you can save you up to four times the amount of money you would spend commuting in your own vehicle.
  • c. Improve your personal health: When you use public transportation, you'll be able to walk between locations and board buses more often. If you participate in such an activity, you will get some extra physical exercise.

5. ACCESS TO TRAVEL MORE QUICKLY: The HITS transport system in and around Chennai provides a number of travel route. This enables you to get to your location faster than if you travelled alone in your personal vehicle.

6. APPROPRIATE SOLUTIONS: We give the finest travel option for each student so that he/she reaches the Institute on time every day. Even during the student's respective placement drive, college meetings, sports meet, excursion trips, department outings, and also for industrial visits, HITS provides transport facility.

7. THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE HITS BUS NAME: Every HITS transport bus is named after all international rivers.


Driver training at HITS
Executive Vehicles and Drivers


  • I enjoyed the 2-hour journey from Mogappair to HITS with my friends, seniors, and teachers. I had a fantastic experience travelling with my bus colleagues and learnt something new each day.

    • Sundhareswarar Raja
    • BE - Aero
    • 2015
  • I used to take the Damodar bus from 2006–2009. The bus days used to be the best. It’s a tradition we picked up from our seniors, and we usually have a lot of food, dancing, and appreciation for our driver for helping us get home safely every day. It’s one of the memories from HITS I will always cherish.

    • Arfaj Anwar
    • BE Aeronautical
    • 2010
  • I travelled 170 kilometres every day in the Danube bus, where I studied and conversed with my fellow colleagues. Our driver Subramani was an exceptional person who used to wait 2 minutes if I was late and contact me if I was not in the boarding point both at college and at the departure point.

    • Praveen Raj
    • B. Tech (Aeronautical)
    • 2017
  • In 2012, I became a student of HITS. It was a wonderful and amazing experience to travel 25 kilometres from Tiruvallur to Poonamallee with only the bus driver and myself. It was our college's longest route, and I was the only student who travelled 160 kilometres every day (to and fro). My bus in charge and I were looking for a nice river name, and we ultimately settled on "Danube." With the exception of my third year, I spent three years travelling down the Danube. Of course, the Danube had a significant role in my life, and those days will be remembered forever.

    • Sanjay Kumar L V
    • BTech - Aero
    • 2016