Where is the Application available?

How do I register & apply for admission?

What is the Minimum % marks required for admission in SLAAS programs?

What are the requirements for Lateral Entry Admission?

What happens if the Institute finds out that the student does not fulfill one of the stipulated requirements?

My medium of instruction up to school level has been in Regional Language (Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi etc.) and am I eligible to apply?


Where is the Institution located?

What type of hostel accommodation do you provide?

Are transport facilities available?

Programme Fee

What are the various scholarships available to the students?

Will documents for applying bank loan be provided?

What does the breakup of yearly fee include?

Who is eligible for Condonation Fees?

Does studying Honors / Minor Specialization require additional Fees?

Opportunities Offered

Are there any International study abroad programmes available for the students?

What are the various Placement activities?

Academic Programmes

Do you offer Value Added Courses?

Are Skill development courses taught to the students?

Credit weightage for courses are based on?

What is the total credit for SLAAS Programs?

What is the importance of CBCS?

What is the duration of SLAAS Programmes.

What do General Core Foundation courses consist of?

What comes under Compulsory Courses?

What is the Specialty of Honors Programme?

Who are eligible for UG Honors Degree programme?

What’s the total Credit earned upon completion of the SLAAS UG Honors Programme?

What is the Specialty of Minors Programme?

Who are all eligible for UG Degree with Minor Specialization?

What’s the total Credit earned upon completion of the SLAAS UG Programme with add on Minor Specialization?

When must a student register for Minor Specialization or Honors?

How many courses and how many credits per course are a must for an additional Minor Specialization or Honors UG Degree Programme?


What’s the minimum attendance Percentage required for appearing for the Exam?

Is there any attendance relaxation?

What happens if a student’s attendance falls below 75%?

How many working days are there in a Semester?

What is the Maximum duration to complete a SLAAS Program?

Can a student take a break mid-program?


What is the Assessment Procedure?

How is the CIA done?

How is the weightage for CIA & ESE calculated?

What is the minimum Pass Percentage to be obtained?

What is the procedure for Repeat Examination?


What is the institution’s take on Ragging?

What is the medium of instruction?