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Master of Planning (M.Plan)

  • M.Plan

About the Course

Planning is a dynamic profession that works to improve the welfare of people and their communities by creating convenient, equitable, healthy, efficient, sustainable and attractive places for the present and future generations.

By planning and designing sustainable cities and aiming at a balanced development of towns and regions with social equity, a positive contribution can be made for the benefit of the society.

Salient Features

  • Plan and design safer sustainable human settlements
  • Manage development and facilitate creation of affordable housing
  • Regenerate socially-deprived areas and create new jobs
  • Design livable, attractive towns and cities
  • Propose environmental protection processes to protect countryside, forests, grasslands, waterways, shorelines etc.
  • Introduce innovative re-use of historical buildings by applying current conservation policies
  • Create policies for effective traffic management and provide sustainable solutions for transport systems
  • Promote public/community engagement in planning procedures
  • Create vision for the community.
  • Initiate research, design proposal and develop programs
  • Effect policies and social changes.

Career Opportunities

Planners work in Town and Country Planning Departments of Central and State Government, Local Bodies, Development Authorities, Educational Institutions, NGO's, Private Sectors, Real Estate Development Companies in a multi-disciplinary environment.

Prominent Prospective Employers

  • Town and Country Planning organizations
  • Development authorities.
  • HUDCO and their regional offices.
  • Industrial Development Corporation of states.
  • Tourism Development Corporations of state.
  • Transport Corporations.
  • NGOs and multinational firms and agencies.
  • Schools of Planning.
  • Real estate consultants.

Duration : 2 Years ( Fulltime)