Campus Clinic


The following medical services and Facilities are available at the Campus Clinic:

  • Availability of Doctors on all working days.
  • Availability of Staff Nurse at the University Campus for 24 hours in all days.
  • 4 Bed observation room for sick patients.
  • Free medical consultations for students and staff.
  • Facility for Intravenous drips, is available for patients with giddiness, fever etc.,
  • Small and minor cut injuries are sutured in the campus clinic itself.
  • One dose of medicines given free of cost to the students..
  • All cases of injuries and accident are given first aid before referring them to nearby hospital.
  • 24 hours Ambulance facility available in the campus for emergency cases

Campus Doctors

Dr. Thulasi Das Rao - M.B.B.S., DIP.Diab.,
Dr. Viji Vasudev - M.B.B.S.,


We always stock essential medicines and injections for emergencies. Vaccines like TT, Hepatitis B, etc., are always available in the Campus Clinic.

  • We periodically organize free dental camps, subsidized immunization camps, free Bone Mineral density checkup camps etc., in association with NSS and NCC.
  • We also supervise the Sick Rooms in the hostels, where basic medical facilities are available.
  • Periodically, we conduct surprise inspections of the various catering facilities in the campus to supervise their hygiene and cleanliness.
    In case of emergency, we have a MOU with Chettinad and Praveena Hospitals.