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STUDY-ABROAD-EXPERIENCE | Event Date: Saturday, 1st, September 2018

Knowledge is the creator of an unquenchable thirst; the more you drink the thirstier you feel. International experience is now one of the most important components of a 21stcentury education. So nowadays all the world class institutions offer an overseas experience to thestudents by various platforms; in the same way Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science is offering an opportunity not only for the students but also for the faculties to pursue their studies in overseas and to improve their career skills. There is a famous quote, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Yes, it is real when we are sitting within the four walls and just dreaming, it would never let us to achieve it. If we are going to study abroad, we get educated from some university and also know new people and their culture as well as explore various unique places with a new motivation. So I always recommend people, especially for the youngsters to get into the overseas experience and improve yourself for the career development.

I would like to share my experiences from the beginning of the day I reached China. I was working as an Assistant Professor for last 3 years with good teaching skills and publication of research papers. As per the notifications received by the AUAP (Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific) through the international affairs, we applied for the Doctoral Programme with the project proposal and it got selected with full time Presidential scholarship in Zhenghzhou University, People Republic of China intake in September, 2018. It is a very good opportunity given by HITS to improve my skills as well as geta doctoral degree. It's providing me an international exposure, which is quite imperative for one’s career building process. These platforms make us to stand shoulder to shoulder with the globalized world’s current technologies and also get adapt to the latest trends of the world. In the same way there will be a tremendous change in terms of research culture and the knowledge can be felt after the completion of studies. By this opportunity I got a great platform to do my research work in the esteemed institution with well known Professor.Qian Hui, Department of Civil Engineering, Zhengzhou University. And also it is helping me to get exposure with various research projects and technologies performed by them in the current era. Students too who want to discern and peruse their areas of interests can consider abroad education as a golden opportunity with loads of facilities.

Travelling is a huge component of a study abroad experience seeing different developed and historical cities. Students also get a chance to venture out and explore their surroundings on the weekends and academic breaks. There are abroad programs which have field trips planned in or around the curriculum. Also, traveling or outing is an opportunity, decent enough to mingle with new friends who have disparate backgrounds. It provides an opportunity for them to extract out the good from another culture and endeavor to fit the same in their culture.However, adapting to a new culture and away from home can bring in some vacillations about taking the decision to study abroad. But, when knowledge and studies are broad, why not study abroad?

Mr. Amudhan Vijayakumar, M.Tech Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, HITS.