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LEADERSHIP BY DESIGN | Event Date: Thursday, 10th, February 2022

Fempower and Dr. KCG Verghese, Higher Education and Leadership Management (HELM) Centre, organized Two-day in-house Workshopon (LEADERSHIP BY DESIGN)Won 22 December 2021 and 10 February 2022. The event was organized for 40 selective staff members of HITS and was conducted by 7 resource persons who were chosen after the first Leadership by Design Workshop. A brief introduction of the (LEADERSHIP BY DESIGN)W was given by the Convenor, Dr. Sherine.

Session 1: “Leader in You”

Speaker: Dr. Akkara Sherine, HoD Languages& Rankings.


  • Leadership Qualities
  • Building & Leading Teams
  • Willingness to Question the Status Quo
  • Assertiveness
  • Newton Jolt Concept – Win Win Situation
  • Creating Legacies
  • Emotion Capabilities &Develop Resilience
  • Understand ‘Leadership is a Role’ and Leave a Legacy

Session 2: "Branding Hindustan”

Speaker: Dr. Sreeja, AP,MCA; and Dr. Madhumithaa, AP, SOM.


  • Personal Branding
  • Importance of Branding in Society
  • Self-Impression
  • Successful Personal Brand
  • Self-Promotion
  • Goals
  • Creation of Online Portfolio

Session 3: "Research in You”

Speaker:Dr. AK Parvathy, HoD, EEE; and Dr. MM. Ramya, Professor, ANRO


  • Identify a Research Problem
  • Define Objectives
  • Methodology to be Adopted – Qualitative/Quantitative
  • Planning – Duration (Time Limit), Budgeting

Session 4: "Me & My Hashtag”

Speaker: Ms. Nisha Nujumudeen, AP, Economics; and Ms. Sherin Eliyas, AP, MCA.


  • What is Hashtag?
  • Basics of Hashtag.
  • How to Use Hashtags Effectively in Social Media?

A review sessionwas conducted on 10 February 2022 wherein the participants of the workshop were asked to recollect the key points discussed.Practical sessions of “Me & My Hashtag”werereconducted by Ms. Nisha Nujumudeen and queries were attended along with hands on practice. Participants were given test links andfeedback links of each module. There wasa discussion regarding the three-day CII conclave Leadership for Women that all the participants attended online on 2, 3, and 9 February 2022. Later, Dr. Sherine briefed the importance of conducting the Leadership Workshop sessions to empower women in workplace and in life situations. She also stated that this platform would in fact be a cyclic process of churning out women leaders where the next set of resource persons will be chosen from the current participants. The programme ended with group snap sessions and networking with all participants.

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