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International Day of the Girl Child 2021 | Event Date: Monday, 11th, October 2021

Fempower Centre, HITS celebrated International Day of the Girl Child 2021 at its premises on 11 October 2021. The celebrations were based on the UN Theme: “Digital Generation our Generation”.

Dr. Sherine Joy, Head Languages and Fempower Centre, set the tone for the event by wishing all the girls of HITS a Happy International Day of the Girl Child 2021, and informed that Fempower Centre focusses attention on the need to address the challenges girls face and to promote girls’ empowerment. Dr. Sherine delivered the welcome address on the occasion and introduced the Chief Guest, Ms. Shaan Katari Libby, Senior Advocate India, Libby Associates. The resource person Ms. Shaan delivered a talk on “How to be safe in a Cyber World”. Dr. Angelina Geetha, Dean, E&T, HITS in her special address highlighted the importance of awareness of cybercrimes and various issues. She appreciated the Fempower Centre for the apt topic in today’s world. The audience comprised students from various branches of School of Liberal Arts and Applied Sciences, School of Architecture and students from Engineering disciplines.

Ms. Shanan Katari Libby’s talk was on creating awareness of different types of cyber crimes namely cyber stalking, data didling, cyber defamation, password sniffers, spamming, masquerading, unauthorised access, data spying, electronic eavesdropping, worm attack, Trojan attack, cybersquatting, software piracy etc. She also highlighted on POSH training and constitution of Members of ICC. The committee should constitute Chairperson, representation of women working at senior level as employee, 2 members representing employees committed to the cause of women and having legal knowledge/experience at social work and also a member from amongst the NGO/associations committed to the cause of women or a person familiar with the issue of Sexual Harassment. Ms. Shaan emphasised that the employers should publish a Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy –sec 19 (b); organise workshops, Sec. 19 C; conduct awareness programmes, Sec. 19 c; and provide contact details of the ICC, Sec 19 (f).

Ms. Shaan and her team mate, Ms. Wincy Williams both explained the examples of acts that constitute sexual harassment through live demos and interesting role plays. Sexual harassment comprises unwanted jokes, gestures, comments etc., spreading and posting of sexual or degrading e-mails or pictures around the workplace, physical contact, patting, grabbing or interfering with employees. Further examples of harassment were also given and it constitutes, constant and repeated requests for a date or unwanted flirting, playing sexually suggestive movies, music, games or video clips in the workplace.

The event ended with a demo and enactment by the resource persons projecting scenarios and situations to decide whether the enactment was a case of sexual harassment. There was also an oral quiz for the students and audience to decipher the harassment cases. Ms. Nisha Nujumudeen, AP, Dept. of Economics, SLAAS, and the Coordinator of the event proposed the vote of thanks.