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GLOBAL WALKERS | Event Date: Thursday, 3rd, January 2019


MOSCOW AVIATION INSTITUTION (MAI), RUSSIA Mr. Jayachandra, B. Tech. Aeronautical.

I am still very much caught up in the yesterday’s hangover while flying back home from Moscow with renewed overwhelming sense of excitement for my future. Now I am back home with a ton of memories, e-mails to answer, and many stories to share. A semester exchange program at Moscow Aviation Institution (MAI) surely be the one off opportunity provided by Hindustan Institute of Technology and science for its students and we are extremely grateful to it. Our 4 months stay (September to December 2018) in Moscow proved to be a great learning experience. It taught us many things and most importantly, we could learn so much about our course subject. The university had a vast and resourceful campus with kind, patient and very efficient management. Their work was diligently streamlined and the teaching professors were highly knowledgeable and respected in their respective field. Besides, the University was graceful enough for opening its resources to the foreign students. The university had different wind tunnels, highly specialized propulsion workshops, stimulator for various fighter aircraft, space landing and computational software. The most pleasant thing is about Moscow’s magnanimous people who go out of their way to help us although they can’t converse well in English.


The most unique thing about semester exchange programs are the inter-cultural learning that takes place during the study – we get to learn and experience how the same topic of study is analyzed, processed and put into action in different places of the world. As an architecture student, we often tend to look for inspirations to deepen our creative side and the exchange program has been a great exposure to a completely different style. I also got the opportunity to develop my skills with practical method of learning. In addition to all the academic learning, I also got to evolve as a person right from the initial procedures – to manage financially, to get to know legal procedures, to learn to live independently in a completely different environment. I’m very grateful to HITS that I got to have this opportunity at this very young age. On the whole this unforgettable program has made me academically and has helped me gain the confidence to take up any new opportunities that come through my way.


During my 6 months stay in Yildiz Technical University, I learnt many things, more and deep about my course subject, the area in which the database management systems and distributed systems and scope for future Computer Engineers like us. The University was vast and resourceful with its Management being very kind and patient, their work flow was streamlined and finally the teaching professors were highly knowledgeable. In addition, it was very graceful enough to let the foreign students use them. The most pleasant thing about turkey is that, even though their people there don’t know the language (English) they tried their best to help us under almost every situation. Every day was a great day; all the people I meet there taught me something new I couldn’t have asked for nothing more that this during my stay in turkey from September 2018 to February-2019.

ÉCOLE NATIONALE DE L'AVIATION CIVILE (ENAC), FRANCE Mr. Vivian John, M. Tech., Avionics Engineering.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. A Semester Exchange Program at École nationale de l'aviation civile (ENAC), Toulouse, France was a unique opportunity provided to us. During our 5 months stay at ENAC, Toulouse we attained more exposure which focuses on specific scientific and technical fields to benefit from all the expertise to meet the growing needs of the Aviation Industry. To meet the important challenges, ENAC conducts research and development according to a world-class research centre that works hand in hand with the DGAC - the French Civil Aviation Authority to face the scientific and technical challenges at the heart of the new generation of Air Transport. To develop a research policy that aims at contributing to the national and European priorities. Toulouse has been an amazing and life changing experience where the aviation industry plays a major role and I could not have asked for more than this wonderful stay in Toulouse, France from September 2018 to February 2019.

SPACE CAMP, RUSSIA. Mr. Deepak Kumar, B. Tech. Aerospace. 

The Space Camp programme at Moscow has already became a lifelong memorable journey which is going to be embedded in my heart forever. HITS is attaining prominence in Russia through the Space Camp Programme we just attended which was jointly organized by Roan Research (India) and Prostocosmos (Moscow). Moscow is an amazing and beautiful city, situated near the river and it houses some of the top companies, Research Institute and also the Russian Space Agency (ROSCOSMOS). During our 3-day programme, we visited many historical monuments such as Kremlin, Red Square, Saint Basil Cathedral and some amazing sites VDNK, Sparrow Hills, Zaryadye and George Park. The organizers of the Space Camp arranged excellent accommodation and food for us. Visiting to Yuri Gagarine Cosmonauts Training Center was one of the highlights of our camp. The Space Camp was truly an amazing eye opening opportunity for us by meeting and interacting with Russian cosmonauts and observing the training programs they undergo at the centre. In the long run, it would be undoubtedly a great beneficial experience for us in our career. Each day I spent at the Space Camp and the people I interacted with had brought about a perspectival change in me.