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DRISHYAM 4.0 DRONE MONITORS CROWD DURING COVID-19 CURFEW | Event Date: Sunday, 5th, April 2020

Drishyam 4.0 is a project conceived by HITS and Orient Flights in association with Aeronautical Society of India to support Police Department in crowd monitoring, surveillance and control during the COVID-19 lockdown period. The project headed by Mr. C.S. Karunakaran, Assistant Professor, School of Aeronautical Sciences, HITS began on started on 5 April 2020

Twelve Professional Aerial Photographers and 8 Drone Pilots based in Chennai City were inducted for the project. DJI Inspire, DJ Mavic pro 2, DJI Mavic Mini and DJI Phantom 4 are the drones used for this project. Project ‘Drishyam’ started with 6 drones that could cover 0.5 – 1km radius and fly for 5-6 hours a day with support to power supply. It is capable to cover 5 km range with low frequency disturbance. The drone pilots worked in hands with Chennai City Police during the lockdown to monitor the streets to avoid crowd gathering. Crowd monitoring by drones were very helpful for Chennai City Police as they could monitor a wide area by not roaming into streets. Sealed places are susceptible to be infectious; hence personal inspection in those areas are harmful for authorities. Our support through drone monitoring helped in easing such inspections. People began to realize that they are being monitored when a drone is spotted which resulted in reduced crowd gathering.

The 9-day mission witnessed a total of 53 hours and 30 minutes drone flying hours covering approximately 33 places in Chennai city. In a country like India, Project Drishyam 4.0 can play a pivotal role in crowd monitoring by inducting more drone pilots across India.