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B.Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering

B.Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering

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About the Department

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was established in the year 1992.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering department offers B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, B. Tech in Electrical and Computer Engineering, M.Tech in EEE with specialization in (i) Smart Grid and Electric Vehicle Technology (ii) IOT and Embedded Systems, and PhD programs.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering is a subject that naturally partners with other disciplines to open whole new engineering avenues like Mechatronics, Robotics, Electric Vehicle, Autotronics and Avionics.

The department regularly organizes activities and events to enhance the quality of education and upgrade the skills of faculty and students. The department faculty has rich experience in teaching, industry, and research. The department has wide publications in indexed International journals and conferences.

All students of EEE department are members of Professional bodies such as IEEE, IET and IE.

The department strives to develop as a centre of excellence in R&D in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The department has one ongoing International funded project in collaboration with University of Leeds, UK and Royal Academy of Engineering, UK. In addition, the department has 12 Funded Research and consultancy projects worth 2.0 crores from major National funding agencies. Two patents are granted, and 4 patents are published by our faculty.

We provide innovative solutions to industries and focus on innovative product development.

Duration : 4 Years

Vision & Mission


To educate the students in the recent developments of emerging fields in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, to encourage research activities, innovative techniques and to develop managerial abilities so as to make them excel globally with ethical values.

  • M1 :To empower students with state-of-art knowledge and technological skills in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
  • M2 :To upgrade curriculum continuously to meet the emerging industrial requirement.
  • M3 : To mould students for research, innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • M4 : To inculcate managerial and professional capabilities with ethics and human values.
  • PEO1 : Graduates will be capable of modelling, designing and developinginnovativesolutions for critical Electrical and Electronics Engineering problems using advanced techniques.
  • PEO2 :Graduates will demonstrate professional competence, effective communication skills, social commitment, ethical and team spirit enabling them to have successful careers or entrepreneurs in diverse cultural and interdisciplinary backgrounds.
  • PEO3 :Graduates will be able to pursue higher studies, involve in research and development activities and to adapt diligently to ever changing conditions with lifelong learning and positive attitude.

On completion of the programme, the students will be:

  • PO1 : Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals and an engineering specialization to the solution of complex engineering problems.
  • PO2 :Identify, formulate, review research literature, and analyze complex engineering problems reaching substantiated conclusions using first principles of mathematics, natural sciences and Engineering sciences.
  • PO3 :Design solutions for complex engineering problems and design system components or processes that meet the specified needs with appropriate consideration for the public health and safety, and the cultural, societal, and environmental considerations.
  • PO4 :Use research-based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions.
  • PO5 : Create, select, and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern engineering and IT tools including prediction and modeling to complex engineering activities with an understanding of the limitations.
  • PO6 :Apply reasoning informed by the contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to the professional engineering practice.
  • PO7 :Understand the impact of the professional engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of, and need for sustainable development.
  • PO8 :Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of the engineering practice.
  • PO9 : Function effectively as an individual and as a member or leader in diverse teams, and in multidisciplinary settings.
  • PO10 :Communicate effectively on complex engineering activities with the engineering community and with society at large, such as, being able to comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation, make effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions.
  • PO11 :Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the engineering management principles and apply these to one's own work, as a member and leader in a team, to manage projects and in multidisciplinary environments.
  • PO12 : Recognize the need for and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and lifelong learning in the broadest context of technological change.
  • PSO1 :Use logical & technical skills to model, simulate,analyze and develop electrical components and systems.
  • PSO2 :Integrate the knowledge of fundamental electronics, power electronics control system and embedded systems for designing industrial control systems.
  • PSO3 :Contribute for the development of smart power grid, electric vehicle and integrating green energy to meet the increasing demand of the society.


Sl.No. Project Title Name of Principal  Investigator(s) & Co Investigator(s)   Duration Funding Agency Amount      (in Lakhs)
1 Optimal Dispatch of Virtual Power Plant using Cyber-Physical Controller for Real-Time EMS (International) PI:Dr.A.K Parvathy CI:Dr.K.R Devabalaji April 2018-March 2021 RAE, UK 45.65
2 Development of see through wall climbing eddy current sensor for blade detection PI:Dr. Uppu Ramachandraiah
CI:Dr.G. Muthukumaran
Sept 2018 – March 2020 DRDO GTRE 9.85
3 Development of position control system PI:Dr. Uppu Ramachandraiah
CI:Dr.G. Muthukumaran
January  2020 – January2021 DRDO GTRE 9.75
4 Wall climbing robot with reduced sound levels using active noise control PI:Dr. Uppu Ramachandraiah
CI:Dr.G. Muthukumaran
Aug 2019  to Aug 2022 DRDO ERIPR CAIR 60.62
5 Design, Development and characterization of electrostatic sensor with digital electronic system for debris monitoring in gas turbines PI   - Dr S Sekar CI1 - Dr Uppu Ramachandraiah CI2 - Dr G Muthukumaran Dec 2018 – Apr 2021 GTRE - DRDO 9.97
Sl.No Project Title Responsibility Duration Funding Agency Amount      (in Lakhs)
1 Study, modelling, Analysis and animation of a remote handling device PI - Dr Uppu Ramachandraiah CI - Dr G Muthukumaran Sept 2020 – Apr 2021 BHAVINI 2.75
2 Development of automatic Tea leaf cutter for inclined terrain harvesting PI - Dr Uppu Ramachandraiah CI - Dr G Muthukumaran Nov 2019 – May 2021   12.86
S.No Project Title Responsibility Duration Funding Agency Amount      (in Lakhs)
1 Hybrid Energy Management using Cyber physical controller for Micro grid Applications   PI - Dr A K Parvathy CI- R Karthikeyan  3 years MNRE 35.95
2 Design and Development of 1 KW Hybrid Vertical Axis Wind Turbine System for Low Wind Speed Regimes (Joint funded Project with Dept. of Mech. Engg.)   PI - Dr Micha Premkumar CI - Dr Uppu Ramachandraiah 3 years MNRE 28.5
S. No Invention Name Reference Number Name of the Faculty Status
1 An Apparatus capable of automatically reducing the speed of the Automobile within a Pre-determined Controlled Speed Zone Patent No: 285076 Dr. G. Muthukumaran Granted
2 Smart Helmet 2252/CHE/2016 Dr. N. Mahiban Lindsay Published
3 Pyro Aegis-fire Protection For Trains 3254/CHE/2014 Dr .A. K. Parvathy Published
4 Scooping Machine for the Hygienic Handling of Open Defecation 3176/CHE/2014 Dr. G. Muthukumaran Dr. D. Dinakaran (Mech) Filed
5 Solar Power Automatic Tapioca Harvester 3179/CHE/2014 Dr. G. Muthukumaran Dr. T. Sudalai Muthu (CSE) Filed
6 The Intelligent Cradle 3175/CHE/2014 Ms. V. Kanpur Rani Filed
7 Multifunctional Bed for Quadriplegia Patients 6188/CHE/2013 Dr. G. Muthukumaran Filed
8 A Novel Counting Device for Domestic Pressure Cookers, suitable for Hearing Impaired Patent No:337923 Dr. G. Muthukumaran Dr. T. Sudalai Muthu (CSE) Granted
9 Improved Solar Powered Low Cost Tyre Pressure Sensing Assembly With Bifurcation for Automobiles 772/CHE/2011 Dr. G. Muthukumaran Filed



Microcomputer & Simulation Laboratory has advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software which cater to the requirements of the students, teachers and the curriculum. It is a well-furnished lab with highly configured computers with latest software; Broadband Internet facility available for all computers with UPS facility for backup.


The Faradays Laboratory is a recently updated learning facility designed to provide electrical engineering students with hands-on experience operating professional-standard equipment employed in industry. This laboratory will enable students to work on professional-standard equipment using methodologies employed in industrial environments, giving your career a kick start. This laboratory consists of several AC and DC motors for academic and research activities.


Applied electronics lab is recently updated with modern equipments and Power Electronics Work Bench Assembly. Applied Electronics lab is utilized by UG, PG and their research and validation purpose.


This lab is developed to provide knowledge on analysis and design of control system along with basics of instrumentation. This lab is recently renovated and modernized with work bench setup.


1 17117007 Vijaya Simhan Venkat Ubaya International Summer Program 1.2.21-5.2.21
2 17117016 Malini K Ubaya International Summer Program 1.2.21-5.2.21
3 17117015 Harish  M Voltech Pvt Ltd 3.2.21-3.3.21
4 17117024 Surya Prabhakar Uniq Technologies,Chennai 23.12.19-4.1.20
5 17117033 Boniala Sankeerth Emcog Solutions,Chennai 26.8.20-20.9.20
6 17117033 Boniala Sankeerth Pantech solutions 1.10.20-30.9.20
7 17117022 P.Harikrishna Chowdary Emcog Solutions,Chennai 26.8.20-20.9.20
8 17117020 M.Sivananda Reddy APGENCO,Andra Prdesh 11.6.20-2.7.20
9 17117016 sane chaithanya kumar EMCOG SOLUTIONS,chennai 26-08-20-20.9.20
10 17117027 Arun Goud Embedded system, kitkart kelambakkam 603103 5.6.20-26.6.20
11 17112025 Sanjay Manideep Uniq Technonolgies,Chennai &  RTPP-proddatur(AP) 23.12.19-4.1.20
12 17117007 Vijaya Simhan Venkat Diamond Engineering 5.6.19-20.6.19
13 17117007 Vijaya Simhan Venkat ORCHID Pharma 16.12.19-20.12.19
14 17117007 Vijaya Simhan Venkat Emcog Solutions,Chennai 26.8.20-20.9.20
15 17117007 Vijaya Simhan Venkat Uniq Technologies,Chennai & Diamond Engineering 23.12.19-4.1.20,5.6.19-20.6.19
16 17117001 R.V.Surendra APGENCO,Andra Prdesh 13.12.19-28.12.19
17 17117017 B.Vinay APGENCO,Andra Prdesh 13.12.19-28.12.19
18 17117031 N.Sravan Kumar Reddy APGENCO,Andra Prdesh 13.12.19-28.12.19
19 17117032 J.Haricharan reddy APGENCO,Andra Prdesh 13.12.19-28.12.19
20 17117041 T.Lakshman APGENCO,Andra Prdesh 13.12.19-28.12.19
21 17117027 Arun Goud ORCHID ,Chennai 16.12.19-20.12.19
22 17117023 B.Bhuvanesh ORCHID ,Chennai 16.12.19-20.12.19
23 17117013 Paulbin B Paul Wisilica lndia pvt Ltd - Kochi 3.6.19-27.6.19
24 17117013 Paulbin B Paul KSEB,66 KV Substation, Karimanel, ldukki 09.12.19-20.12.19
25 17117030 S.Venkatarami Reddy APGENCO,Andra Prdesh 13.12.19  - 28.12.19
26 17117009 Tummalapalli Dileep Bharat Sanchar Nigam limited BSNL, Eluru 09.12.19 - 23.12.19
27 17117002 P. Adithya Krishna  Electric Loco Shed,Vijayawada  27.5.19 - 10.6.19
28 17117040 A.c. Jaya meganathen Thermal power plant  16.12.19-22.12.19
29 17117040 A.c. Jaya meganathen JSW Steel plant 3.12.19-7.12.19
30 17117014 B.Venkatesan Embedded system, kitkart kelambakkam 603103 5.6.10-25.6.19
31 17117014 B.Venkatesan Python,Msem guindy 26.8.20-28.8.20
32 17117026 M.S.P.Abhishek Emcog Solutions,Chennai 26.8.20-28-3-20
33 17117021 K. veeranjaneya reddy Diamond Engineering 5.6.19-20.6.19
34 17117015 Harish M Uniq Technologies -Chennai 1.12.19-5.12.19
35 17117022 P.Harikrishna chowdary ORCHID pharma ,chennai 16.12.2019--20.12.2019
36 17117037 K.V.S.S.Sravan Naidu APGENCO,Andhra pradesh 13.12.19-28.12.19
37 17117023 B.bhuvanesh ORCHID pharma ,chennai 16.12.2019--20.12.2019
38 17117036 Harish Ragavendra.S Valuthur gas turbine power system 02.12.19 - 06.12.19

Placement Profile Batch 2015-19

S.No Name Roll No. Name of the Employer Industry Type
1 TejasGujrati 15117040 Vestas R&D India, Jaro Education Core
2 Chandrasekhar Reddy TripuravaramObula Reddy 15117037 Infosys Ltd.,  
3 KaustubhJaiswal 15117025 Tata Consultancy Services, Teqforce Consultancy  
4 Kopparthi Venkatesh 15117014 Idbi Federal, Hits  
5 N Pavan Kumar 15117038 HITS  
6 Shubham Mukherjee 15117048 Focus Academy For Career Enhancement  
7 Mohammed Afroy C 15117015 Qspiders, IdbiFederal,Hcl  
8 SreenivasuluGari Sai Manoj 15117053 IDBI Federal, QSPIDERS,HCL  
9 Sudarshan Kumar 15117045 IDBI Federal, HCL  
10 VineethMylavarapu 15117051 Idbi Federal, Qspiders,Hcl  
11 Abhijith B S 15117027 IDBI Federal  
12 BharathUdayan 15117026 Idbi Federal  
13 BogyamSaikiran 15117031 Idbi Federal  
14 Nivethida Jospin S 15117011 Idbi Federal  
15 Shinu B Shajan 15117008 IDBI Federal, IQ Backoffice  
16 Sooraj S 15117006 IDBI Federal, Relationship Science (I) LTD  
17 TridibSaha 15117047 Idbi Federal  
18 Kesavardhan Reddy K 15117007 QSPIDERS  
19 Yerragundu Santhosh Reddy 15117012 Sutherland Global Services  
20 Santosh Basnet 15117013 Sutherland Global Services  
21 Neetika Mishra 15117020 Sutherland Global Services  
22 BiyyalaVenkatesh 15117030 Sutherland Global Services, Hcl  
23 GuntupalliGopi Krishna 15117039 Sutherland Global Services, Scottline  
24 Mohammed Sowbar 15117005 Paragon Digital Services  

Student Activities

Inter College/University Events
S.No Year Roll No Name Nature of the Event Topic Status Institute Place
1 2019 18117016 Sai Inesh N L Workshop Hybrid Car Design Participated VIT Chennai
2 2019 18117016 Sai Inesh N L Workshop Hybrid Vehicle Design with Practical Session Participated VIT Chennai
3 2019 18117016 Sai Inesh N L Symposium SPECTRON 2K19 Participated Crescent Institute of Technology Chennai
4 2019 >17117007 VijayaSimhan Venkat Workshop Think Create Engineer Program, IITM Participated IITM Chennai
5 2019 >17117028 T.Sri Vishnu Deekshith Workshop Think Create Engineer Program, IITM Participated IITM Chennai
6 2019 17117032 A. Parthiban Symposium GRAFIYA 2k19 Participated SMK FOMRA Chennai
7 2019 15117040 TejasGujrati Project Presentation   Presented SRM Chennai
8  2019 18117003 A. Eswararo Competition IET Smart Challenge Finalist IET/KCG Chennai
9 2019 18117016 Sai Inesh N L Competition IET Smart Challenge Finalist IET/KCG Chennai
10 2019 18117009 Rapuru Ganesh Reddy Competition IET Smart Challenge Finalist IET/KCG Chennai
11  2018 15117040 TejasGujrati Cash Prize PALS Innovation Challenge Finalist IIT Madras Chennai
12 2018 15117014  Kopparthi Venkatesh Workshop Design, Fabrication and Testing of DC-DC power Converters Participated VIT Chennai
13 2018 >17117012 Abhinav Das Symposium EXLOG 2018 ,SSN,Chennai Participated SSN Chennai
14 2018 17117012 Abhinav Das Workshop Support Aero& Space Modelling-Guinness World Record,Chennai Participated Chennai Chennai
15 2018 15117036 Prithviraaj G S Workshop Design of Biped walking ROBOT for Industrial Application Participated Chennai Chennai
16 2017 15117038 N.Pavan Kumar Reddy Workshop Embedded System Design UsingPSoC 4 Participated St.Josephs College of Engineering Chennai
17 2017 15117034 Dadam Phaneendra Workshop Embedded System Design UsingPSoC 5 Participated St.Josephs College of Engineering Chennai
18 2017 15117030 Gopi Krishna Workshop Embedded System Design Using PSoC 6 Participated St.Josephs College of Engineering Chennai
19 2017 17117032 A. Parthiban Presentation GRAFIYA 2k19 III Place SMK Fomra Chennai
20 2017 15117025 Kaustubh Priy Jaiswal Workshop Embedded System Design Using PSoC 7 Participated St.Josephs College of Engineering Chennai
International Events
S.No Year Reg. No Name Nature of the Event Title Status Place
1 2018 15117040 TejasGujrati Semester Exchange Program YildizTeknik University Semester Study Turkey
2 2017 15117040 TejasGujrati International Award Thai Airways and Naresuan University Special Award/NIPM Robot Presentation Thailand
3 2017 15117040 TejasGujrati Workshop Energy and Environment/ Naresuan University Participated Thailand
4 2017 15117040 TejasGujrati Research Internship NIPM Robot Participated Thailand
National Events
S.No Year Reg. No Name Nature of the Event Title Status Place
1 2019 15117040 TejasGujrati International Conference GUCON '19 Paper Presentation Noida, Delhi
2 2018 15117031 BogyamSaikiran Best cadet SD Airforce-TN,PN&AN NCC Camp Won Tamilnadu/Pondicherry
3 2018 15117031 BogyamSaikiran Best cadet SD Airforce-Madras B NCC Camp Won Tamilnadu
4 2017 15117040 TejasGujrati Cash Prize/Conference Electronics Makers17, IEEE at NSIT,Delhi Innovative Project Delhi
Extra-Curricular Activities
S.No Year Reg. No Name Nature of the Event Title Rank Institute Place
1 2018 15117031 BogyamSaikiran Camp CATC-CUM-RDCLaunch Camp CDT rank Tamilnadu Agricultural University Coimbatore
2 2017  15117012 Abhinav Das Blood Donation Camp Donated Appreciation Royapettah Govt.Hospital Chennai
3 2017 15117031 BogyamSaikiran Inter group competition Best cadet(SO)-AIR Won Bannariamman Institute of Technology Erode
4 2017 15117031 BogyamSaikiran Camp Republic Day Training CDT rank Adithya Institute of Technology And Science Coimbatore
5 2017 15117031 BogyamSaikiran Camp Republic Day Training C/SGT Karpagam University Coimbatore
6 2017 15117031 BogyamSaikiran Camp CATC-CUM-RDCLaunch Camp C/CPL 3(tn) Battalion NCC Campus Kanchipuram
7 2017 15117031 BogyamSaikiran Camp CATC cum RDC TRG-I Camp Participated Sathyabama University Chennai
8 2016 15117031 BogyamSaikiran Combined Annual Training Camp 1(tn) AIR SQN NCC F/C Sengunthar Engineering College Tiruchengode

Awards & Achievements

Dr.A.K Parvathy,Professor-EEE received Excellence in R&D" award from Entrepreneurs Council of India 2018

Sl.No. Project Title Investigator Sanctioned Amount, Funding Agency and Date of Sanction Duration
1 Development of see through wall climbing eddy current sensor for blade detection Dr.UppuRamachandraiah Dr.G.Muthukumaran 9.85 GTRE(DRDO) 01.07.2018 1.5 Years
2 Design, Development and Characterization of electrostatic sensor with digital electronic system for Debris Monitoring in Gas Turbines Dr.UppuRamachandraiah Dr.S.Sekar Dr.E.Sathish 9.98 GTRE(DRDO) 14.12.2018 1.5 Years
3 Wall Climbing Robot with reduced sound levels using active noise control Dr.UppuRamachandraiah Dr.G.Muthukumaran Dr.E.Sathish 60.62 DRDO 28.06.2019 3 Years
  • Dr.UppuRamachandraiah AERB Project-"Development of an online measurement system for hydrogen concentration in Steam environment worth of Rs. 45,36,000/-
  • Dr.G.Muthukumaran& Dr. T.Sudalaimuthu - Patent Granted,Patent No. 337923,Granted on : 03.06.2020,Title: A novel counting device for domestic pressure cookers, suitable for hearing impaired (CoDePeC)
  • Flt. Lt.Giri Rangarajan
    • Successfully Represented TN, Pudhucherry and Andaman and Nicobar Islands, NCC Directorate as Contingent Commander for 5 years and for receiving DG Commendation award and DDG's (TN, P & AN) special award for the year 2019.
    • Completed 175 MOOC Course Completed
Guest Lecture on Development of Electromagnetic Devices for Fast Breeder Reactor Application
Guest Lecture on Energy Management of Electric Motor System in
Guest Lecture on Energy Management of Electric
Motor System in Industry
International Conference on Sustainable
Environment and Energy
International Seminar on Engineering Science Research Beyond Disciplinary Boundaries
Workshop on
Excellence in R & D award from Entrepreneurs Council of India 2018
Fg Offr Giri Rangarajan received Deputy Director General NCC Commendation 2018
First in the order of Merit with Exceptional Grading awarded by the Air Officer Commanding
Giri R promoted as Flight Lieutenant in Indian Air Force

Our Faculty

S.No Faculty Code Name of the Faculty Designation Profile
1 EET58 Dr.A.K.Parvathy HoD View
2 EET59 Dr.R. Devanathan Professor Emeritus View
3 EET01 Dr.S.Sekar Professor View
4 EIT59 Dr.G.Muthukumaran Professor View
5 EEF08 Dr. K.R. Devabalaji Assistant Professor(Selection Grade) View
6 EET03 Ms. C.E. Geethadevi Assistant Professor(Selection Grade) View
7 EET39 Fg. Offr. R.Giri Assistant Professor(Selection Grade) View
8 EET94 Mr.N.Karthik Assistant Professor(Selection Grade) View
9 EET67 Ms.P.Getzial Anbumani Assistant Professor(Selection Grade) View
10 EIT53 Ms.V. Kanpurrani Assistant Professor(Selection Grade) View
11 EET93 Mr.N.Mahiban Lindsay Assistant Professor(Selection Grade) View
12 EET84 Mr. K.Nandakumar Assistant Professor(Selection Grade) View
13 EIT61 Dr. K. Nageswara Rao Assistant Professor(Senior Scale) View
14 EET98 Mr.V.Mahesh Kumar Reddy Assistant Professor View
15 EEF07 Mr.AdarshVijayan Pillai Assistant Professor View
16 EEF10 Ms.Priyadarshini.S Assistant Professor View