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About Us

B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering

B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering

  • About the Programme
  • Vision & Mission
  • Laboratory
  • Our Faculty
  • Research and Development
  • Simulation Lab
  • Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Lab
  • Career Opportunities
  • Student Achievements
  • Curriculum & Syllabus
  • Prominent Alumnus

About the Programme

School of Aeronautical Sciences (SAS), established in 1996is a pioneering department of one of the India's leading educational institutions in Asia, Hindustan Institute of Science & Technology. SAS is devoted to provide quality technical education in the field of Aeronautics and Aerospace Engineering.B.Tech.programme offered by SAS is accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) and National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).This programmehas been designed to provide quality education for the undergraduate and postgraduate students through the blend of advanced laboratories and experienced faculties in the field of Aircraft Design, Aerodynamics, Aircraft Structures, Aircraft Propulsion, Aircraft Systems, Avionics, UAV, Aircraft Maintenance and theAdvanced Materials.Syllabus is regularly updated to meet the industry demands in the Aviation, Space Exploration and Defence Sector. The schoolencompasses various types of Aircrafts andFlight Simulators that can provide real-time experience in handling and familiarizing with the Aircrafts.We take pride in generating the maximum Aeronautical and Aerospace engineers in the country. Many of our alumni are working as Engineers, Scientists and Faculty in the esteemed organizations at the National and International level.

Duration : 4 Years

Vision & Mission


To excel in education, research and innovation in aeronautical engineering.


To provide every graduate with professionally competent education through a well-designed Teaching and Learning, Research and Innovation process in all spheres of Aeronautical engineering and technology combined with professional ethics and training for lifelong learning.


Aero Engine Repair & Maintenance Lab
Aircraft System Lab
Aerodynamics Lab
Aircraft Hanger
Aircraft Propulsion Lab
Aircraft Simulation Lab
Fatique & Fracture Research Lab
Non Destructive Testing Lab
Tifac-Core In Aircraft Maintenance
Integrated Avioincs Lab
Space Propulsion Lab
Aircraft Structure Lab
Structural Design Lab
S.NO Faculty Name Designation Profile
1 Dr. R. Asokan Professor & HOD Profile
2 Dr. K. Ramajeyathilagam Senior Professor  Profile
3 Dr.Dilip A Shah Senior Professor (Visiting) Profile
4 Dr.J.Ashok Babu Professor (PT) Profile
5 Dr. R. Santhanakrishnan Professor Profile
6 Dr.Dalbir Singh  Professor Profile
7 Dr.P.S.Venkatanarayanan Professor Profile
8 Dr.ParthasarathyVasanthakumar Professor Profile
9 Mr.T.V.Nagarajan Professor (PT) Profile
10 Dr.C.Ramesh Assoc. Prof. Profile
11 Dr.D.Raja Joseph Assoc. Prof. Profile
12 Dr.Yash Pal Assoc. Prof. Profile
13 Dr. S. Seralathan Assoc. Prof. Profile
14 Dr. S. Sathish Assoc. Prof. Profile
15 Dr.M.S.Nisha AP (SG) Profile
16 Mr. B. Chellappa AP (SG) Profile
17 Dr.C.Ganesan AP (SG) Profile
18 Dr.S.Subha AP (SG) Profile
19 Dr.G.C. Vishnu Kumar AP (SG) Profile
20 Dr.N.Purushothaman AP (SG) Profile
21 Mr.K.Arulmozhi AP (SG) Profile
22 Mr. Eusebious T. Chullai AP (SG) Profile
23 Mr.G.Dinesh Kumar AP (SG) Profile
24 Mr.KirubakaranPremkumarSebastin AP (SG) Profile
25 Dr. G.Balaji AP (SG) Profile
26 Mr.S.Mahendran AP (SS) Profile
27 Mr.Stanley Samlal AP (SS) Profile
28 Dr.V.Madhan Raj AP (SS) Profile
29 Dr. B.Anbarasu AP (SS) Profile
30 Mr.S.Karthikeyan AP (PT) Profile
31 Dr.A.Revanth Reddy AP Profile
32 Mr.D.Gowri Shankar AP Profile
33 Mr.C.Suresh AP Profile
34 Mr.R.Sarweswaran AP Profile
35 Mr.V.Paulson AP Profile
36 Mr.R.Amit Kumar AP Profile
37 Ms.KanupriyaJhanji AP Profile
38 Mr.J.Jensin Joshua AP Profile
39 Mr.M.Senbagan AP Profile
40 Mr.R.Sarathkumar AP Profile
41 Mr.E.S.Elumalai AP Profile
42 Ms.G.Kavitha AP Profile
43 Ms.G.Krishnaveni AP Profile
44 Mr.C.S. Karunakaran AP Profile
45 Mr.D.Dominic Xavier AP Profile
46 Ms.T.Sivagangai AP Profile
47 Mr.Titus Ittyarah Benjamin AP Profile
48 Dr.Ashok Kuppusamy AP Profile
49 Dr.M.Chandrasekar AP Profile
50 Mr.PritamGhosh Research Scholar Profile
51 Ms.Shanthi Research Scholar Profile
52 Mr.Radhakrishnan P M  Research Scholar Profile

Research & Development

Faculty Intellectual Property Rights (Patents)
Sl.No Title of the Invention Application Number Date of Filing/Publication Investigator
2 BLACK BOX ACOUSTIC SIGNAL TRANSMITTER 201741011702A 05/10/2018 Mr. Kirubakaran PSB
4 SELF STARTING SCRAMJET ENGINE 3248/CHE/2014 2/07/2014 Mr. G. Dinesh Kumar
6 INNOVATIVE  HYBRID VEHICLE 3247/CHE/2014 2/07/2014 Mr. G. Dinesh Kumar
7 INBUILT STARTING SYSTEM FOR RAMJET ENGINE 910/CHE/2013 22/03/2013 Mr. G. Dinesh Kumar
8 DRAWN-OUT PROP ENGINE (TECHNOLOGY) 336/CHE/2012 11/06/2012 Mr.R.Rajesh
7 TURBO RAMJET 1620/CHE/2011 10/11/2011 Mr. Balaji. D
S.No Project Title Consultants Funding Agency Date of Sanction Amount (Rs. In Lakhs) Duration Present Status
1 Evaluation of numerical  bird model parameters through dynamic test of bird projectile Dr. K. Ramajeyathilagam
Mr.Stanley samlal
GTRE, DRDO 08.09.2015 9.66 18 months Completed
2 Estimation of shock levels and its impact on the underwater axisymmteric bodies due to water entry and pyro shock Dr.K.Ramajeyathilagam
Mr.Stanley samlal
NSTL, DRDO   >6.65 6 months In progress
Total 16.31 Lakhs    
National Conference Publications
International Conference Publications
Faculty Journal Publications

Simulation Lab

  • Orient Flights Simulation Centre is a technical partner with ALSIM France,one of the leading flight simulator manufactures in the world
  • OFS collaboration with ALSIM began in 2010 with the purchase of India‘S First ALSIM simulator and was inaugurated by AICTE Chairman Prof Anil D Sahasrabudhu
Features and Capabilities of ofALSIM AL 250

It is an advanced level aviation training device equipped with

  • EFIS(Electronic Flight Instrument System)
  • ADF(Automatic Direction Finder)
  • VOR (Very High Frequency Omni Directional Range)
  • ILS (Instrument Landing System )
  • DME (Distance Measuring Equipment )
  • GPS (Global Positioning System),
  • Weather RADAR
    • I. Various weather conditions
    • II. Day and night flying
    • III. Can simulate engine Failures
    • IV. All the airports around the world can be loaded and conditions can be simulated

Engine Starting Procedure, Flight Controls, Taxing Of Aircraft, Take Off, Landing And Auto Pilot

Engineering pack
  • It helps to extract flight data parameters which allow the student to understand the flight parameters in real time.
  • Inject custom errors (map shift subtle errors)
  • Modify the flights characteristics of aircraft to demonstrate unusual condition neutral and negative stability
  • Supports research trials (quick scenario generation and controls)
  • ALSIM’s SDK allows programmers to write software able to communicate with the device MATLAB SIMULINK

Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Lab

Fatigue Test Machine

MTS 100 KN fatigue testing machine is amachine with the versatility and high-performance solutions necessary for accurate and repeatable static and dynamic material and component testing. The machine can be configured for a wide array of tests, including durability, fatigue crack growth, high-cycle fatigue, low-cycle fatigue, fracture toughness, tension, compression and more. MTS Landmark test systems are ideal for testing a range of materials including plastics, elastomers, aluminum, composites, steel, super alloys and more. Full systems may include the load frame, controller, software, grips and fixtures, extensometers, hydraulic power unit,and services. The machine comes with a Series 370 Servo hydraulic Load Frames which are extremely stiff and easy-to-maintain, with precision-machined columns, lightweight crossheads and laser-guided factory alignment to ensure unprecedented static and dynamic test performance, employ leading-edge ergonomic features that enhance ease-of-use and operator safety.

Machine Specifications

Specifications of MTS Fatigue testing machine
Force 100 kN
Available actuator ratings (nominal) 25 kN
Actuator dynamic stroke 100mm
Max vertical test space standard height 788mm
Working height 922mm
Column spacing 533mm
Column diameter 76.2mm
Base width 1018mm
Base depth 698mm
Diagonal clearance 2079mm
Overall height 2065mm
Weight 635kg
Flexibility to perform
Fatigue Testing
  • Constant Amplitude
  • Variable Amplitude
  • Block loading
  • High Cycle Fatigue
  • Low Cycle Fatigue
  • Advanced Low Cycle Fatigue
  • ISO: 12737, 12108, 12135
  • ASTM: E399, E647, E645, E1820

For fatigue testing charges, please contact
Dr. K. Ramajeyathilagam
Head, SIMCRASH Centre
School of Aeronautical Sciences
Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science
Post Box No.1, Rajiv Gandhi Salai (OMR)
Padur, Kelambakkam

Career Opportunities

Aeronautical Engineering is the science associated with the study, design, and production of flight-capable machinery or aircraft operating techniques. It is the study of the design and operations of an aircraft that involves practical and theoretical understanding of materials, assembling parts, testing, and maintenance of aircraft. An Aeronautical Engineer's primary job is to design aircraft and thrust systems, but there can be more responsibilities added to the profile with time. An Aeronautical Engineer may get opportunities in the Aviation industry, defence, and civil aviation department. The job may bring lucrative packages, but it also might be a very responsible and demanding job. It is an important branch of engineering that has helped mankind to master the world above the skies.

Skills Development

  • Professional monitoring and strong calculative skills
  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Strong sense of responsibility
  • Hands on experience
  • Technical expertise
  • Quick and Accurate

Students after completing their courses are placed in some of the top aeronautical and other industries in India such as:

  • Defence Research and Development Organisation
  • Indian Space Research Organisation
  • National Aerospace Laboratory
  • Hindustan Aeronautics limited
  • Taneja Aerospace limited
  • Mahindra and Mahindra
  • National and International airlines
  • International organizations like CDGBOEING,IAF, AIRBUS, PRARTT &WHITNEY,ROLLS-ROYCE, GE Aviation, NASA, ESA andothers.

Student Achievements


KJ Harikrishnan, P Amarnath, G Sudhi and T Giri Prasad from second year launched World’s Lightest Satellite Jaihind 1S from NASA facility and was awarded by India Book of Records on 10th September 2018. The team was mentored by Mr.G.Dinesh Kumar, Assistant Professor, School of Aeronautical Sciences, HITS.


JHATAYU is a crowd funded, student start-up company registered in MSME through HTBI & HEIC, HITS. JHATAYU Flying Bike as a design concept was awarded by SAE INDIA at the International Two Wheeler Conference at Bangalore on 5 August 2017 by Mr. Javaji Munirathinam, SAE INDIA Aerospace Board Chairman and Mr. C. Prakash, Training & Development Specialist, Product Development Division Ashok Leyland, India. The Institute of Aeronautics Astronautics and Aviation had the privilege of Dr. Micheale Barratt, Astronaut, NASA, USA award the “Best Innovation” title to JHATAYU and the “Best International Mentor” to its mentor cum supervisor Mr. C. S. Karunakaran at IIT Guwahati on 1 September 2018. JHATAYU Flying Bike was formed by a team of 33 under graduate students under the mentorship of Mr. C. S. Karunakaran, Assistant Professor, School of Aeronautical Sciences, HITS. This ingenious start-up is now touted as Asia’s first flying two- wheeler bike prototype.

The start-up had built an unmanned version of its flying vehicle prototype and successfully flight tested on 27 th October 2018 at HITS. The start-up has applied for its patent and is planning to raise funds for its manned version through industry partnership. The India Book of Records recognized this achievement and conferred “India’s First Two Wheeler Bike” title on JHATAYU. The start-up is planning to apply for Asian certifications to stake their claim for being the Asia’s First Flying Two Wheeler Bike.

Team “ASTRA” participated in SAE Aero Design West Competition in Advanced class 2017 at Texas, USA on 28th to 30th March 2017 and came 5th position in Flight summary and 21st in the world (mentored by Prof. Dr. Dalbir Singh)

Team “DIREWOLVES” participated in SAE Aero Design East Competition in Advanced class at Van Nuys, USA on 24th to 26th April 2015 and came 16th place out of 65 Teams. (mentored by Asst. Prof. Dinesh Kumar.)

Prominent Alumnus