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B.C.A - Database Systems

  • B.C.A - Database Systems

About the Programme

Due to computerization of various sectors such as industry, banks, financial services etc have resulted in enormous amount of digital data. Such data is to be properly managed by data base management systems. The study of database management system will help to master the principles, tools, and techniques used in design, programming, administration and security of database management systems with a Database Management specialization. As a professional in this field, one should be able to analyze the data needs of an organization or company, and determine how to organize and store the data in logical and useful ways. Hence there is good scope for taking up the program with specialization in Database Management Systems.

Salient features

  • Detailed description on relational database management system concepts
  • Application case studies and project on DBMS in varied fields

Career Opportunities

Students specializing in database management systems will be able to find opportunities in a variety of on-demand, database-related domains to occupy the role of data analyst, database administrator or database designer. There is a huge demand for computer-savvy graduates with this specialization and this degree will surely bridge the gap. The importance attached to database management systems has become strategically essential. A skilled professional who has a comprehension of information systems will command very competitive salaries.

Duration : 3 Years