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EEE Specialization in AI

icon clock Duration: 4 Years

About the Programme

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of science that helps machines to solve problems much like human intelligence. It is now pervasive and already being utilized in everyday life and expected to influence furthermore in the days to come. Every domain including the field of Engineering is influenced by AI. For aspiring Engineering students, learning AI is seen as a must. It ensures that the student stays relevant for career opportunities in the future.

The need for engineers to be skilled in AI and machine learning continues to boom as Artificial Intelligence is redefining fields from healthcare to consumer, technology to transportation to energy.World renowned companies from Amazon to Google, Netflix to Tesla, have swelled their business by applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.B Tech (EEE) with Artificial Intelligence specialization develops technical leaders equipped to build innovative products and systems using AI. Artificial Intelligence would bring new dimensions for Electrical and Electronics Engineering in terms of problem solving and future development mainly in the areas of Power System Analysis, Industrial Automation, Operation and Maintenance of Power plants, Prediction of renewable energy generation and consumer behavior for load consumption.

Graduates go on to work in leading companies solving difficult problems across many industries, such as energy, retail, transportation, tech, health care, and finance—or pursue their own entrepreneurial ventures.


AI Speciaization Courses

  • Basic Python Programming
  • Introduction to Data Science and Python
  • Applied statistics for Artificial Intelligence
  • AI Fundamentals using MATLAB
  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Deep Learning
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Optimization for Machine Learning
  • Applications of AI and ML in Electrical Engineering
  • Applications of AI and ML in Industry