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About the Program

B.Sc (Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics) is a three-year UGC recognized undergraduate Program offered by the Department of Computer Applications. This program has been designed to apply analytical and programming skills in the areas related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Analytics (DA). The students can get in-depth knowledge in artificial intelligence applications and data analysis techniques which are the rapidly growing areas in the fast-changing world.

The program is designed with a unique curriculum to meet the industry and practical needs and the students will be able to apply critical thinking and technical abilities acquired in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics. The curriculum includes courses like, Machine Learning Techniques, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Cognitive Computing, Data Analysis and Visualization Techniques, Big Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics etc. to provide both conceptual and practical knowledge to the students.


Program Structure

  • 6 semesters (3 years)
  • Credit based
  • Electives to be chosen in 4th, 5th and 6th semesters
  • Project work in 6th semester

Eligibility Criteria

A pass in 12th Standard with Computer Science or Mathematics or Statistics or Business Mathematics courses.


About the Course

Artificial intelligence (AI) has developed into the most powerful data analytics technology in recent years, leading to remarkable breakthroughs in many fields. While in the era of big data, data analytics underpins the data-intensive research that responds to real-time challenges. These breakthroughs are benefiting industrial sectors as varied as information and communications technology (ICT), finance, health, transportation, and manufacturing. It would open new opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration that is strongly encouraged as part of the university’s strategy for 2030 Vision. The AI & Data Analytics Lab aims to provide high-quality, cutting-edge research contributions by unifying the fields of statistics, data analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to understand and analyze actual phenomena with data. The research produced would contribute to enhancing visibility and promoting interdisciplinary research incorporating local and international partnerships. The lab facilitates professional pieces of training, workshops, and conferences in-house and in cooperation with other institutes, companies, or research centers to provide training to members and society. Professional certificates can be offered to interested students. The decisive objective is to contribute to the initiatives for the strategic objectives of the health sector, education field, information security, forensic analysis, and energy sector to support the vibrant digitized society.
B.Sc Artificial Intelligence and Data Science is a 3-year undergraduate course that integrates data science and artificial intelligence collaboratively. The course prepares students to conduct data-driven investigations using statistical and artificial intelligence techniques. The course aims to make students familiar with the technologies and skills related to AI and data science. The course also makes students understand its application in real-world Problems.
To be eligible for B.Sc Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Course, candidates must have cleared class 12th with a minimum of 45% marks (60% in top colleges) with Mathematics or Computer Science as a core subject.



Information is wealth. How can you gain a career out of data? See these six career suggestions based on data analysis, coding, collecting, and providing insights to foresee the results and develop the pre-planned strategy accordingly.

  • Data Engineer: If you’re interested in becoming an engineer in the data field, ensure you have strong programming skills and the ability to work in distributed computer systems. They are required to design and implement large-scale data processing systems using various technologies.
  • Data Architect: Once you get a degree certificate from the Best Engineering Colleges in Coimbatore and intend to work in companies, you can serve as an IT expert to assess, and analyze the companies’ data structures, create future-focused plans and solutions to store, and manage data for both companies and users.
  • Data Mining Engineer: Companies require data from various resources such as data mining engineers who are responsible for creating, using algorithms, and retrieving information from various datasets. It means you need to have reasonable or better skills in machine learning and programming.
  • Data Visualization Developer: The tasks of developers are to create and develop the dashboard visualization of gathered data metrics that makes the companies to understand the data clearer. And the data visualization developer needs to be an expert in programming skills and experienced in using the tools for data visualization.
  • Data Quality Analyst: They are responsible for ensuring the data accuracy and comprehension. Companies’ experts have qualifications in computer science from BSc Data Science Colleges in Coimbatore and skilled data management and quality control methods.
  • Data Analyst: This career is already known and established where most of us have an idea on how data analyst is required for the company or business. The insights and trends are discovered with the help of data analysts who can clean, collect and assess the data. So, their expectations are to be good in programming, visualization and statistics.


What is an artificial intelligence and Data Analytics course?
Which is the best course in Data Analytics?
What is the eligibility to pursue an undergraduate degree in Artificial Intelligence And Data Analytics?
Is Data Science a good career?
Is there a demand for Data Scientists?
What are the skills needed to become a Data Scientist?
What is the average salary that a data scientist earns?
Who gets paid more data scientist or machine learning engineer?
How Data Science and AI are related?
Which companies hire graduates in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics?
Why is AI such a hot topic lately?
What are the main challenges with AI Technology?
What kind of career assistance does AI offer?



The Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) of the Computer Applications are listed below:

  • PEO 1: To prepare graduates to be successful professionals in industry, government,
    academia, research, entrepreneurial pursuit and consulting firms
  • PEO 2: To prepare graduates to achieve peer-recognition, as an individual and as a
    team player, through demonstration of good analytical, design,implementation and interpersonal skills.
  • PEO 3: To prepare graduates to contribute to society as broadly educated, expressive ethical and responsible citizens with proven expertise
  • PEO 4: To prepare graduates to pursue life-long learning to fulfil their goals.


At the end of this program, graduates will be able to:

  • Computer knowledge: Apply the knowledge of mathematics, computer Fundamentals to IT applications.
  • Design/Development of solutions: Design solutions for IT applications using latest technologies and develop and implement the solutions using various latest languages.
  • Modern tool usage: Create, select and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern engineering and IT tools including prediction and modelling to complex IT applications with an understanding of the limitations.
  • Environment and sustainability: Understand the impact of the IT analyst solutions in societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge and need for sustainable development.
  • Ethics: Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities
    and norms of the engineering practice.
  • Individual and team work: Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams, and in multidisciplinary settings.


At the end of this program, graduates will be able to execute the outcomes defined by Professional body.

  • PSO-1: Demonstrate the knowledge of human cognition, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics, effectively and efficiently complete the responsibilities assigned to in accordance with the expected quality standards.
  • PSO-2: Implement critical thinking and technical abilities acquired in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics.
  • PSO-3: Design and create project-based solutions for challenging problems in the Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics industries while keeping public health, safety, cultural, socioeconomic, and environmental concerns in mind.

Future Scope

BSc AIDA Future Scope

Data Science is a promising subject in the field of Computer and Information Science. Many foreign companies and national companies are investing in millions in the IT sector in India.
After US, India is expected to be a specialized market for Data Scientists across the globe. This course is not only valuable in India but across the globe. The National Average Salary for Data Scientist is around INR 11,48,252 and International Average Salary is around USD 113,436 according to Glassdoor, which means you can easily satisfy your need for career growth and stability. 
Apart from diverse career options which we have already discussed above, here we shall discuss what can you do after completing your BSc Data Science course.

Higher Education:

You can go for higher studies in this advanced field to gain expertise and knowledge in various data science fields. You can become study a specialization also like data analytics or business analytics as per your career needs. You can pursue a Master of Science in these specializations:

  • MSc Data Analytics
  • MSc Software Engineering
  • MSc Computer Science
  • MSc Statistics
  • MSc Cyber Security
  • Master of Computer Applications


International Opportunities: 
US is considered the IT hub of the world, and the scope of Data Science is enormous and growing rapidly. There is a huge need for skillful data scientists across the world. Therefore, after gaining ample experience in various project work, you can be considered for diverse international projects in marketing, healthcare, banking, and other areas.
You can be hired for different roles like Team Lead, Project Lead or on manager position. Major international companies like Amazon, Cognizant, Deloitte, Publicis Sapient, E&Y, among others send skillful professionals to the US, Canada, Germany, and other countries. After gaining experience in handling projects at a large scale, you can have the opportunity to grow your career in these technologically advanced countries.