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B.A Triple Major

  • Department of Liberal Arts & Science

  • Triple Major - Political Science, Psychology and Economics

Background of the Programme

The BA Triple Major with Political Science, Psychology and Economics is another innovative programme of the multi-disciplinary approach. Alike the other Triple Major combination, this one also offers a much larger range of subjects fostering all-rounded personalities involved in lifelong learning, and contributing towards the needs of the society to a great extent. This programme also ensures delivery of the right knowledge, skills and abilities combined with field experience in the respective areas. Firmly grounded in theory and practices, the nuances of Economics and the power play of Political Science in the programme intends to facilitate change and improvement in the quality of life of the beneficiaries and the society in general.

Scope of the Programme

The Triple Major programme is skillfully designed for learners who aim at enriching themselves in the multi-specialized knowledge. The flexibility of the BA Triple Major provides students with a background in three different majors in Social Sciences which in turn offers resourceful skills and competencies that increase their prospects in the job markets. Since the BA Triple Major degree enables the students to have a wider area of academic disciplines without restricting to a single specialized area of study, it exposes them to better job opportunities.

Format of the Programme

Each student is provided with the rare opportunity of learning the unique programme in Social Sciences with three majors that in turn serve as their specializations. Complemented with a variety of different subjects, the programme offers excellent exposure and expertise on the prescribed areas. The opportunity to specialize in any of the three Majors at Postgraduate level entails enormous scope for career opportunities in various firms and organizations.

Career Guidance Service Network

Preparation for students’ career should be one of the first things each student must think about as they enrol. Whether students have a clear idea or not of where their future aspirations lie, or want to consider the broad range of opportunities available once they obtain a degree, our dedicated Career Network is there to help them achieve their goal.

Our unique Career Guidance Service is a specialised team which offers expert advices tailored to students’ academic subject area, and gives exclusive work experience opportunities to help students stand out amongst the competitors, with mentoring, global internships, and placements made available. Besides, the ‘Professional Development’ subject as part of students’ optional module choices at the final year, imparts them adequate training for placement. Employers target Hindustan students for their drive, diversity, communication and problem-solving skills, team-working abilities and cultural awareness. With Hindustan degree, it is certain for any student to succeed in a demanding academic environment.

Duration: 3 Years