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B.A Sociology

  • B.A Sociology

About the Course

Sociology can be distinguished into various sub-branches, with more popular ones being psychology and anthropology. Social psychology studies the range of attitudes or feelings of each individual person whereas anthropology focuses more on how human society has changed over time. BA Sociology course primarily provides valuable insights into social factors such as race, ethnicity, gender, age, education, and social class that affect work and in general, and operations of organizations. This Course includes the study of how economics, politics, culture are related in different ways, the similarities and differences among different types of people, and of social institutions such as religious groups, political institutions which are major structures made up of groups and ideas influencing people’s daily lives, worldviews etc.

Sociology as a social science discipline deals with a systematized study of society, using macro and micro approaches towards understanding societies; social relationships, institutions, processes, issues, policies, movements; and business organizations. As sociologists, it is imperative to engage in critical inquiry and hence deconstruct/debunk realities than accepting them as givens. The centrality of this discipline as a core social science lies in the fact that it enables the learners to raise questions like how significant is a particular process or issue in the social world? How does a particular phenomenon manifest itself across societies? What kind of explanations can be constructed to explain these facts? Hence it facilitates a translation of broader areas of interest into research based modes of inquiry.

The Sociology Major Program endeavors to establish a firm foundation of the discipline. An overview of the discipline based on key paradigms and concepts forms an integral aspect of the program. Students will traverse through a wide range of specialized branches to understand the relevance of the discipline in contemporary society. An approach to different aspects of life based on a diversity of theoretical perspectives will serve to enhance an understanding of ‘social life’. Reflective insights into the role of individuals in institutional contexts against a global backdrop are the major hallmark of this program. Students will be exposed to a range of research-based skills involved in designing and undertaking independent research projects.

The Sociology Minor Program is designed to expose students to a theoretical and conceptual base in different areas of sociology. It aims to provide an understanding of social institutions and social issues within diverse societies in a global context, and to apply sociological perspectives to these areas. Students will learn to view and analyze these issues in different dimensions and multiple perspectives; and will be encouraged to adopt a position in relation to them. This Program equips students to engage in critical synthesis of existing literature, collection and analysis of data to validate information and logical presentation of the same with clarity and conviction. A series of courses will introduce students to the basic concepts, theoretical models and issues of the discipline with a focus on Indian scenario. The subsequent courses will focus on thematic studies of gender, culture, tourism, and Diaspora. Students will be trained in critical and analytical inquiry in various domains through writing response papers, reflective essays, case studies, review papers, and presentations.

The Sociology Major Program will enable students to engage in advanced learning of different sub-areas. It will also hone their professional competencies equipping them to enter different fields such as teaching, research, journalism, policy analysis, program development, human resource management, public relations and cultural affairs. The Sociology Minor Program prepares students for graduate studies in specialized branches such as work, labor market and organizations; social behaviour; human rights; gender studies; human relations and global sociology. This Program provides grounding to pursue careers in the fields of journalism; law; development; social work and advocacy; marketing and public relations; NGOs; and advertising, consumer and market research.