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B.A Psychology

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  • B.A Psychology

Background of the Programme

Psychology, a fascinating term which grasps the attention of all human beings, is a scientific branch that involves the exploration of human mind and behavior. The field of Psychology answers the people who ponder over why people act and think as they do. The value of psychological expertise is now greatly recognized in all walks of life. A degree in Psychology bestows one with an ability to handle complex arguments, organize and analyze evidence, and explore a wide range of rewarding career possibilities. Also, it provides an individual the scientific understanding of the various dimensions of human experiences, cognitive processes and the complexity of emotions. A psychological background inherited through the course enables one to employ an empathetic attitude and understanding to any profession that an individual is a part of. Besides theoretical knowledge, a degree in Psychology aids the learner in nurturing and developing skills such as communication, assertiveness, relationship enhancement, and prioritizing various demands of life. Recent innovations in the field of research, technology and science make “now” an appropriate time to study Psychology.

Psychology at HITS

The Department of Psychology at HITS is an emerging department which has spread its wings recently. Psychology is taught utilizing a multitude of tools such as lectures, seminars, discussions, project works, laboratory exposure, internships etc. Our faculty has completed their academic requirements from esteemed institutions and their academic records boast of the quality of their thoughts and practices. The curriculum is designed in such a manner that it enables the student to balance theory and practice. It provides students an opportunity to choose their area of interest right at the beginning, and work towards accomplishing their passion, thus, helping the wards groom their exploratory skills. Graduates who have successfully completed their course in psychology can do masters in any specialization in Psychology pertaining to their interest, ability and skill.

Job Opportunities

There are multiple career opportunities in various branches of Psychology including:

Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychologists are devoted to treating people with psychological discomforts, disorders of personality, behaviour, moods, phobias etc. They can also act as therapists for people with day-to-day psychological crises.

Counselling Psychology

Counselling Psychologists deal with adjustment problems within the normal workings of life than focusing on psychiatric aspects. They can specialize in specific areas such as Geriatrics, Paediatrics, Industry, Family or Education.

Health Psychology

Health Psychologists are concerned with planning and designing programmes that help reduce and manage the incidence of psychosomatic illnesses, lifestyle diseases. They can find employment opportunities in Hospitals, Rehabilitation Centres, Health Agencies, and can also engage in private practice.

Industrial or Organizational Psychology

Industrial or Organizational Psychologists can be employed in different sectors such as Manufacturing, Information Technology, Businesses, Corporate setups etc. They can also act as Organizational Development Consultants, Human Resource experts and so on.

Sports Psychology

Sports Psychology is an emerging field of Psychology that caters to improving performance of athletes; and the opportunities in this area are immense.

Educational Psychology

Educational Psychologists attempt to understand the psyche of the student and help them develop skills and competencies that will facilitate better learning which can involve memory enhancing techniques, study skills, brain exercises etc. As counselling has become part and parcel of academic life, they are in great demand in Schools, Colleges and Universities.