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B.A Political Science

  • B.A Political Science

About the Course

In India, the study of Politics and its nature goes back to ancient times. Even epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana have excerpts which relate to good governance and political theories. Kautilya’s famous Arthashastra is a treatise on political thought, economics, and social order. In modern times, Political science as a subject of study emerged around 1937. BA Political Science deals with political theories and teaches about various systems of governance, economics, sociology, international relations, global politics, psychology etc. The course gives an idea about how a nation runs and teaches how to interpret and analyze political systems. This course is ideal for students who have an interest in learning the mechanisms of the administrative aspects of a country. The course not just deals with modern political scenarios but also encompasses the history of political development, various political revolutions across the world, thus helping a student learn the Political practices of countries around the world.

The Psychology program focuses on the study of diverse aspects of human behavioural patterns and functioning of the mind. It guides students through various empirical approaches to understand the complexities and processes of the human mind. This program prepares students for graduate study in any of the specialized fields of Psychology. It enables students to develop a critical understanding of the major concepts, themes, theoretical frameworks and methodology of the discipline.

The Psychology Major covers a wide range of topics that enable students to develop a critical understanding of basic concepts and theories of the subject, leading to the study of specialized areas such as Personality, Social, Clinical, Industrial, Developmental, Educational and Experimental Psychology. Students are trained in the Methods of Psychological Testing and Counselling; as well as experimental techniques and research methods.

The Program specific courses in the Major introduce students to basic concepts and varied fields of Psychology, focusing on a few significant areas of the discipline such as Biological Basis of Behaviour, Social and Personality Psychology. The intermediate courses focus more closely on refining the student's critical abilities by providing training in synthesis and critical analysis. The courses at this level are geared towards in-depth study of specialized areas of the discipline focusing on aspects of gender, cognition, learning and role of cultural paradigms in human behaviour. The advanced courses train the students in methods of psychological testing and counselling that help them to analyze individual cases. The students are also trained in research methods that enable them to conduct research-oriented studies.

The Minor Program in Psychology inculcates an understanding of the discipline through exposure to the breadth of the discipline. It also aims at imparting basic psychological skills like observational skills, communications skills, active listening skills and interpersonal skills. Finally, the Minor Program prepares students to apply knowledge of psychological principles across various settings.

The Major Program will prepare students to pursue graduate studies in any specialized field of Psychology. Moreover, the knowledge and skills acquired through the course of the program will equip them to work as part of a team in a variety of professions including but not limited to community health, support groups, NGOs, human resource management, recruitment etc. The Minor Program prepares students to join the workforce as a competent team player in any job profile that requires understanding human behaviour such as human resources, NGOs and others.