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About the Programme

The study of literature, language and culture has been, perhaps one of the most popular academic disciplines all over the world. Though it suffered a minor setback during the heydays of technology programmes, now universities are witnessing enrolment of students in large numbers in humanities and language programmes. The revived interest in literature and other subjects of humanities must be seen as a healthy sign as the world is getting torn apart, caught in issues related to regional, linguistic, and religious fundamentalism.

Secondly, the field of teaching demands more professionalism in the fast-changing modern world; as a result, more theorization and research are taking place in the comparatively younger sub- disciplines such as Second Language Acquisition (SLA), Teaching English as a second Language (TESL) and so on.

Consequently, efforts have been made by universities in re-structuring UG courses in Languages and Humanities by incorporating in their syllabuses, aspects and elements of professionalism, and practical application of theories, so that those who enter the teaching profession later, will be proving themselves as better professionals. The UG course, BA ENGLISH (with Specialization in English Language Teaching) is one such course with unique features of blending theory, research and practice.

The Programme offers immense scope for securing admission to postgraduate programme in English, considering the density and coverage the syllabus offers in both language and literature. What is more, is the thrust on the practical aspects on language studies such as 'Applied Phonetics', and language teaching such as 'Practice Teaching' and 'Project'.

Duration: 3 Years