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B. Tech Automobile Engineering

  • B.Tech Automobile Engineering


To make every man a success and no man a failure


To inculcate comprehensive and contemporary principles of Automotive Engineering and developing skills that will enable graduates to become leaders who can make significant contributions to their profession and to the social environment, Instilling the highest ethical standards and sense of professionalism.

Programme Educational Objectives

  • To provide clear understanding of the concepts, principles, analysis and synthesis in engineering design and applications appropriate to the field of Automobile Engineering.
  • To provide a range of specialized modules integrated within the structured learning environment, reflecting the global research expertise within Engineering Sciences, in order to broaden and deepen educational experience.
  • To offer a competitive degree structure that respond to time, need and technology.
  • To train the students to become a professional engineer with excellent communication skills capable of meeting the present and future requirements of the industry and the society.
  • To develop a culture that promotes individual and team work for carrying out innovative projects, assignments and research work in engineering sciences.
  • To develop a challenging environment that supports and encourages an attitude of independent learning and application for life time.

Programme Outcomes

    The Program is expected to enable the students to

    1. Acquire in-depth knowledge required for the degree with an ability to

  • Analyze and apply disciplinary and interdisciplinary concepts, theories, principles and practices.
  • Able to design and develop virtual or real vehicle models and contribute individually or collectively in teams.
  • 2. Execute critical thinking, including the ability to

  • Evaluate, analyze, and integrate information from different sources.
  • Develop strategies and execute operational effectiveness.
  • Develop critical, reasoned positions.
  • 3. Communicate effectively, including the ability to

  • Demonstrate effective oral communication skills.
  • Demonstrate effective writing skills.
  • Demonstrate effective nonverbal communication skills including the use of design, maps, charts, tables, graphs, models etc.,
  • Listen actively and critically.
  • Present work effectively to a group of audiences.
  • Demonstrate emotional stability without losing original and creative ideas.
  • 4. Work collectively and collaboratively including the ability to

  • Participate effectively in teams.
  • Consider different point of view.
  • Work for the objective of the team with others
  • 5. Prepare to engage in lifelong learning, including the ability to

  • Formulate a plan of personal goals for continued professional growth.
  • Demonstrate intellectual curiosity.
  • Exhibit the skills needed to acquire, organize, reorganize and interpret new knowledge.
  • Show proficiency in current technology and the right approach to adapt emerging technologies.
  • Recognize and participate in activities that enhance the synchronization of body, mind, and spirit.
  • 6. Practice personal and social responsibilities including the ability to

  • Practice ethical leadership.
  • Recognize the ability to ethical dilemma
  • Choose ethical courses of action with regards and practice.
  • Acknowledge and address the consequence of their own actions.
  • Engage in local & global civic activities
  • 7. Demonstrate social, cultural & global competence including the ability to

  • Live and work effectively in a diverse & global society.
  • Articulate the value of the diverse & global perspective
  • Recognize diverse economic, political, cultural & religious opinions & practices.

About the Course

The Automobile Engineering course caters to train the students to design, develop, manufacture, and repair of automobiles.

The demand for automobile engineering is growing with the expansion of automobile industries and increasing demand for vehicle. With increasing concern for pollution and fuel efficiency, these engineers also set standard of qualities, for example making the vehicle Euro efficient.

The field of activity of a qualified engineer in automobile engineering contains development (construction, calculation and testing), priming of work, fabrication and observation of the functionality of vehicles for street and rails.

The automobile engineers develop car bodies and buildups with aggregates like engines, clutches, gears and steerings.

They have to design according to the postulations of aerodynamics and stylistics, they have to construct and calculate according the postulations of functionality, safety, the dreasing of resources and the economy.

Accordingly, the priority of the study of the automobile engineer relates to activities for development in body design, commercial and special vehicles or the design of motors and transmissions.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of Automobile Engineering can seek employment opportunities in automobile firms like TVS Electronics, Auto-Infotronics, Delphi TVS, BOSCH, ARAI, NATRIP, Volkswagen, and other core industries.

Duration : 4 Years