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Master of Nanoscience and Technology

  • Master of Nanoscience and Technology

About The course

M.Sc Nanoscience and technology is a multidisciplinary course to provide industry and research institutes with top quality experts who have a generic background in the different sub-disciplines such as electronics, physics, chemistry, material science, biotechnology, and at the same time be experts in Nanotechnology.

With M.Sc Nanoscience and technology program, students will learn the basics of material science on the nanometer scale, supplemented by hands –on-training on modelling, simulation followed by synthesis and characterization of Nanomaterials to promote an understanding of nano-scale materials for various practical applications.

Under the supervision Centre for Clean Energy and Nano convergence (CENCON) scientists, students will get the opportunity to work in well-equipped central instrumentation facilities (CIF) of CENCON which would provide exposer to computational modelling-simulation, Synthesis and Characterization of various nanomaterial, having application in the upcoming research fields like Photocatalysis, Dye-degradation, Hybrid-solar-cells, Hydrogen production and storage, toxic and volatile organic compound sensing, Rechargeable batteries, Super-capacitors, Biopolymers for smart applications, Optoelectronic devices, Health care, Water purification, Food packaging and so on.

Course Structure

Core Course Electives
Introduction to Materials Science Environmental Nanotechnology
Insight into Fabrication and analysis of Nanomaterials IoT based sensors
Introduction to Modelling and Simulation of Nanomaterials MEMS and NEMS
Applications of Nanotechnology Nanotechnology for health care
Introduction to Nano Biotechnology Artificial Intelligence in Nanotechnology
Nanomaterials for Energy applications  
Introduction to Composite and Smart materials  
Nanoelectronics and Nano-photonics  
Nanoscale magnetic materials and devices  
Carbon Based Nanostructures and their applications  
Micro and Nano fabrication  


Students having bachelor degree from any recognized university having specialization in Physics, chemistry, biotechnology, botany, zoology, microbiology, geology, electronic sciences, Nanoscience and nanotechnology will be eligible to join this multidisciplinary masters course.

Job Opportunities

After completion of their course, students will also get an opportunity to apply for their PhD program in both Indian as well as foreign Universities. Trained professionals in this stream have excellent career opportunities in the Nanotechnology based Industries

Considering the tremendous scope and applications of nanotechnology, the career opportunities in the fields of M.Sc Nanoscience and technology are exponential

  • Electronics & semiconductor industries
  • Photovoltaic & Optoelectronic industries
  • Aerospace and Automobile industries
  • Biotechnology labs
  • Medical, Forensics and Pharmaceuticals
  • Environmental monitoring, control and remediation
  • Food industries including quality control & packaging
  • Agriculture & Textile industries
  • Defense and Military applications
  • Energy conversion and storage
  • Research at various National and International Institutions