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Master of Business Administration - Business Analytics

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About the Course

In this era of digital disruption, the challenges posed by the growth of data – including growth in volume, variety and velocity is phenomenal. The challenges lie both in handling Big Data and harnessing the value out of the same. These challenges are common across sectors irrespective of manufacturing, services, retail, healthcare, media and tourism. Data Science is a growing field that is poised towards building capabilities that can help in grappling with these data challenges. Only those businesses and communities that build appropriate data competencies may be able to compete/survive in this new world order. There exists a huge demand-supply gap with regard to qualified data scientists and hence the need for a Data Science oriented Business Analytics Curriculum.

This course is offered in collaboration with IBM to equip the students with appropriate knowledge to utilize Data Science as a tool and solution in specific domains. The program aims at enabling the students to find meaningful patterns in large volumes of structured and unstructured data and to make information driven business decisions that impact the performance of the company in terms of profitability and competitiveness. The course content is carefully built by IBM experts; hence the students shall be industry-ready.


Career Opportunities

Since analytics can be put to use in varied industries over a spectrum of roles, there exist a plethora of opportunities in sectors like Banking, Retail, Fashion, Healthcare, Automotive, etc. some roles which a person specialized in Analytics can choose from which includes - Big Data Analytics Architect, Big Data Engineer, Financial Analyst, Marketing Analytics Manager, Business Intelligence and Analytics Consultant, Analytics Associate Metrics and Analytics Specialist Database Administrator, Fraud Analyst, Retail Sales Analyst, Statistician, Data Scientist, Data Visualization Analyst etc.