Architecture (Housing Executive)

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About the Course

Housing is an area of special emphasis in India. The National Housing Policy, setting up of NHB, HUDCO, HDFC, the emphasis of the UNCHS, World Bank, and USAID, as well as entry of major public and private corporations and multinational companies are some of its manifestations. Due to rapid urbanization, the need for housing has risen rapidly. Housing is the basic need for common people. Proper planning will give them adequate space to cope with the ever expanding nature of the cities.

This course is envisioned as a platform for preparing graduates to meet the housing challenges in the unevenly developing world, design and develop the ability to fulfill spatial needs for various sections of the society. It also cultivates the ability to anticipate future directions in housing and urbanization and deal with the cultural sensitivities for various economic backgrounds and introduce innovative solutions for various housing issues in the current scenario. The program also aims to provide a solid knowledge base in Contemporary design process, Disaster Mitigation and Management and sustainable design principles. Studios are the major focus of the program. Each design studio framed for the course has a theme with design process in first semester, Planning and preparedness for disaster in second semester and sustainable design in fourth semester and supported by relevant theory courses and helps create independent thinking and also in resolving design issues. The program focuses on use of software simulation in the higher semesters. The program works as a platform for carrying out various research projects and the ability to deal with contemporary issues affecting architecture and anticipate the future directions in architectural design practice. It also gives an opportunity to reground their design skills and urge for research through the latest innovations in technology. MOOC courses are added as a compulsory course. Every candidate doing M.Arch(Housing) shall be encouraged to send a paper for publication in a Journal or a Conference based on his/her thesis work.

The curriculum of M.Arch (Executive) is regularly revamped and updated as per the industry requirements. Minimum duration of the course is 6 semesters.


Career Opportunities

This course finds lucrative career opportunities in government and private sectors in order to meet the challenges faced by the contemporary built environment. There are opportunities to develop their careers with NHB and HUDCO.
Prominent Prospective Employers:

  • Government organizations
  • Corporate architecture firms
  • Multinational companies
  • Development authorities
  • Real estate development firms
  • Architecture consultancies
  • Educational Institutions