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TRIER VISIT TO CHENNAI | Event Date: Tuesday, 20th, September 2022

Trier seals EU cooperation with Indian partners in the field of sustainability

The German delegation, consisting of representatives from administration, universities and the EU, visited a sustainable village project in Chennai with the Indian project partners.

The corona pandemic and travel restrictions have shifted international contacts and exchanges with partners from different regions of the world to other areas, but also made new formats possible. Exciting ideas have given rise to new topics in cooperation with old and new partners. One example is an EU-funded project partnership that Trier 2021 entered into with the Indian city of Chennai.

A good opportunity has arisen for the city of Trier and the coastal city of Chennai (known to many as the former Madras) in south-east India thanks to a long-standing successful cooperation between Trier University of Applied Sciences and Hindustan University in Chennai. Through a project partnership financed by the EU, the cooperation and the good exchange should be brought to a new level and the technical expertise should be promoted municipally, but there should also be the opportunity to discuss together via a worldwide network.

Trier and Chennai, along with their university partners and the city administrations, were selected by the IURC program (International Urban and Regional Cooperation Programme) to be part of an international network for a period of around two years and to carry out a joint project in the areas of sustainability, energy, mobility and hydrogen and addressing the circular economy.

The joint project will initially deal with the development of a sustainable campus concept for universities, in which a circular economy, i.e. the efficient use of resources, including water, energy and waste, will benefit the economy and society and the environment is maximized. The Birkenfeld environmental campus, which operates in a climate-neutral manner, should serve as a model. It is planned that the results will be transferrable to larger institutional or urban areas in India and Germany.

After a year of digital exchange, the project participants from Trier and a representative of the IURC project had their first personal meeting. Representatives of Trier University and the city of Trier travelled together to Chennai for a week. Part of the Trier delegation was a group of DAAD scholarship holders who accompany the exchange on a specialist level. In addition to the substantive discussion, the concrete project planning and getting to know each other, a declaration of intent was signed together with all partners. A return visit by the director of Hindustan University, Ashok Verghese, lecturers and students took place in mid-October. The city of Trier, represented by Head of Department Markus Nohl, received the delegation for a professional exchange on the bel étage. In addition to the responsible professors at Trier University.

Partnership Across Borders

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