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SIXTH INDIAN PATENT | Event Date: Wednesday, 7th, July 2021

An Indian Patent entitled "Driver Assistance Device (DAD) for Zero Accident Safety Roadways" was granted to HITS on 7 July 2021. Dr. Thangakumar J., Associate Professor, Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering CSE is the inventor. This is the sixth Indian Patent attained by Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science.


Driver Assistance Device (DAD) for Zero Accident Safety Roadways facilitates vehicle-to-vehicle communication as a mean to achieve automobile safety. It is specifically designed to alert the driver with the driver assistance device which has a controller. Initially, the arduino board is connected to a power supply. Then the smart device, an android mobile in our case, transmits the user’s location data by establishing a Bluetooth connection with arduino BT pro that is fixed onto the arduino board. The received data is then sent to RF xbee pro that is attached onto the arduino using a xbee shield. This xbee pro transmits the location data to the other counterpart device by forming a xbee point -to-multipoint connection.