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The Orientation Programme for the selection of nine languages viz., Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin by the first year B. Tech Computer Science students (10 batches).

The programme commenced with a welcome address by Dr. A. Sherine Joy, Head Languages and Rankings. She greeted Dr. Alexander Jesudasan, Pro Vice Chancellor, HITS, Dr. Piriadarshini, Head SH Dept. She also informed the students that this orientation is for the students to select one of the nine languages offered by the Dept. of Languages and emphasized that the students should choose a language that they have not learnt previously during their school.

Dr. Alexader Jesudasan, Pro Vice Chancellor, in his address gave an effective explanation regarding the importance of learning a new language which would help the students to interact with people, know the various culture, and it would also help the students to interact with ease when they speak in their respective regional or foreign languages. In this era of globalization, learning languages would not only help the students to get employment but also play an important role in developing good interpersonal skills, adaptability skills and other soft skills which is the need of the hour. He also provided several personal examples of how in earlier days such opportunities were not given to students, however the present generation of students are given excellent opportunities to learn languages apart from their respective discipline chosen for their degree programmes. He informed the students to actively participate in the language learning process and excel in it.

Dr. Piriadarshini, SH, HOD interacted with the students and explained that the 9 languages offered will be part of the curriculum and she explained the structure and the credits awarded. She clearly informed that during the first semester apart from the communication skills, regional and foreign languages will be also offered this semester for the CSE students and the rest of the branches will opt in the next semester.Tamil Culture and Technology course will be offered for the students across all disciplines too.

Dr. A. Sherine, Head Languages introduced all the nine Language staff members and this was followed by the presentations by respective regional and foreign languages staff. Each staff emphasized on the importance of learning the respective languages and the scope for employability. The following staff presented during the orientation. Dr. Sheeba, AP Tamil , Ms. Poongodi, AP, Hindi, Ms. Sumathi, AP Telugu, Dr. Swarnendu Baksi, Associate Professor, French, Ms. Divya, Japanese AP, Ms. Sukhee Lee, AP, Korean and International Advisor, HITS, Ms. Cheryl, AP Mandarin, Mr. Hemant , from Mind your Language, presented on behalf of Ms. Sofia Khadelwal, Spanish AP, HITS, Ms.Bhuvaneswari, AP German, Dept. of Languages. The students were engrossed with the presentations and they were infact curious to know more about the languages and exhibited keen interest in chosing the languages.

Dr. Sherine, proposed the vote of thanks and expressed her profound gratitude to the Management for permitting to conduct an orientation for the students to choose one of the nine languages offered by the Dept of Languages in addition to the Communication skills course. She appreciated the efforts of Dr. Sudalaimuthu, Head IQAC for providing the link for the students to choose the languages. The entire team of Dept. of Languages received a big round of applause for effectively conducting the orientation programme, in coordination with the class teachers of the SH dept.