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ISRO DISTINGUISHED LECTURE | Event Date: Friday, 23rd, August 2019

“Anyone can become an Astronaut;right attitude, excellent physical fitness and psychological conditioning matters!”
- Dr. S. Ramakrishnan

What a privilege it has been to be on a space odyssey during the 100-minute lecture byPadma Shri Dr. S. Ramakrishnan, a renowned Space Scientist and Former Director of VSSC & LPSC, ISRO. The ISRO distinguished lecture organized by The Peninsula Foundation, Chennai in partnership with School of Aeronautical Sciences, HITS on 23 August 2019 had a great conglomeration just to hear Dr. S. Ramakrishnan. Nuances of space ventures, technology behind the launching of space vehicles with special reference to our country, and the vast potential available for future developments were deliberated. He pointed that Space is the domain which is free for exploitation and exploration by any nation with capabilities following the international guidelines; and Space Mining may become a commercial activity in future to augment the mineral requirements of our planet. Invited Guest of Honour,Air Marshal Dr. M. Matheswaran, Chairman & President, The Peninsula Foundation highlighted the importance of think tanks collaborating with high profile aerospace engineering institutions like HITS to harness the innovative initiatives of modern youth.The delegates witnessed the display of Asia’s First Flying Bike developed by HITS student Start-Up JHATAYU and appreciated the initiative.