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INTERNATIONAL QS SEMINAR ON RANKINGS AND RATINGS | Event Date: Thursday, 13th, December 2018

Dr. KCG VergheseHigher Education, Leadership and Management (HELM) Centre organized a one-day International QS Seminar on Rankings and Ratings on 13th December 2018. Dr. Sherine,the Head,Languages& Rankings gave a brief highlight of the International Young Scholars Workshop conducted by HELM centre in collaboration with American Society of Public Administration. She also emphasized the HELM centre’s stated goals for achieving its global significance and ranking. Dr. Sherine introduced the Chief Guest, Mr. Santosh Karananda, Head, Client Relations, QS I Gauge and welcomed him to present the session on“QS World University Rankings and Ratings - An Overview” with special focus on HITS performance in BRICS 2019.

Mr. Santosh Karananda gave an overview of Global University Ranking standards. Rankings play a vital role globally. QS has a worldwide reach in which academic performance, employer reputation, faculty student ratio and web presence are given more credibility. In overall, India, Netherland, Russia, Denmark, Japan, Singapore, Chile, China, Malaysia officially have QS in their Gazette.He also elaborated on World University Ranking Methodologyand specifically mentioned the weightage given to academic reputation, faculty-student ratio and scopus citations. Currently, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University tops the World University Ranking level.The QS ASIAN University Ranking Methodology and QS BRICS University Ranking Methodology stress more focus on academic reputation, employer reputation, faculty student ration, paper per faculty (Scopus indexed).

Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science ranks 301-350 under QS BRICS University Ranking. According to QS BRICS process, there are few criteria for achieving the average ranking ratio. Mr. Santosh Karanandainsisted that the focus should be put on to secure a positionwithin top 100 for the next academic year. Employing staff with Ph. D. degree and publications of paper per faculty in the Scopus Indexed Journals would help to uplift the ranking position of the institution in short period of time. Healso briefed about the importance and difference between Ranking Vs Rating. He mentioned that HITS already attained QS 3 Stars and was also a part of QS I Gauge. India’s first Nationwide Higher Education rating system‘QS I Gauge’ was launched at New Delhi in March 2018. He also briefed on the crucial methodological factors such as Teaching & Learning and Accreditation, which carry higher value for attracting the ranking, followed by employability, student diversity, faculty quality, social responsibility, facilities, and the final requisite which consists of Arts & culture, faculty diversity, entrepreneurship, research and innovation.

HITS has already claimed all the predominant methods and now working towards the progression of Faculty diversity and Research.Deans & HODs, Professors and Senior Professors, Rankings Team, Head International Affairs, IQAC Dept. Coordinators, Research coordinators of all departments, Placement Head & Placement Coordinators, Innovation Cell team members, Alumni Head attended the seminar.Mr. Santosh interacted with the HITS staff and answered their queries related to QS Rankings & ratings and also clarified the different parameters and enhanced their knowledge about the rankings methodology.