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FELICITATION OF POET APARAJEETHA | Event Date: Saturday, 11th, September 2021

F/Cdt. Aparajethaa K., II B. Tech. Aerospace has published two poetry collections: “A Hundred Little Words” and “Poetic Dictionary” Aparajethaa drafts under the penname Rudhraa K. “I had always thought writing poetry was reserved for those elite in the English language and it was almost close to impossible for normal people to write good ones. I started writing very few works initially just to express my emotions and thoughts. The pace and quality of my works increased during classes eleven and twelve of my schooling when I had a decent audience who liked my work. This gave me the motivation to make my works better and write more often. My then English faculties also encouraged and guided me in this field. Later, it transitioned to a hobby during the initial pandemic months. After the release of my first book, I now do poetry and novel writing as a part-time or second stream in my life”, says Rudhraa.

The Office of Student Affairs felicitated Rudhraa on 11 September 2021. The Vice Chancellor, Dr.S.N.Sridhara; the Registrar,Dr.Pon.Ramalingam, and the Head-Student Affairs, Dr.A.Prabaharan honoured the poet.

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