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FARRAGO - COALESCENCE IN ARCHITECTURE | Event Date: Saturday, 23rd, October 2021 -Sunday, 31st, October 2021

SPADE collaborated with NASA to conduct NASA INDIA ZONAL EVENT, its largest online event in zone 6 titled FARRAGO themed ‘Coalescence in Architecture’. FARRAGO has been an immense success with various national and international architects contributing to our event. The event was hosted online in 2 phases: the workshops on 23and 24 October, and the main zonal event on 30and 31 October with overwhelming responses.


The student delegates were invited to participate in several pre-recorded cultural events such as Singing, Instrumental, Dancing, Photography, Videography, Digital Art, Modelling, Sketching, and Sculpting trash prior to the main event to showcase their talent. Altogether a total of 300students’participation submissions were received within a short span of time.


Design competitions were conducted which received overwhelming responses on the following topics.

  • Transcendence - Reinterpreting an image captured of a well-known structure or streetscape in a surreal scenario.
  • Evolve - To design furniture that adapts and expands to different scenarios.
  • Parallels - Revisualize the architecture from the shoes of an architect/artist from a different era.

In coalescence to the theme, SPADE conducted 4 interview sessions with architects from different backgrounds in a one-to-one live session to throw light upon today’s trends in architecture.

  • Ar. Britta Knobel Gupta, Ar.Amit Gupta, Founding Partners, Studio Symbiosis, Germany, India.
  • Ar. Priyanka Narula, Founding Partner,Prelab Design Studio, Hyderabad and Wicker Story.
  • Ar. Dinara Kasko, Architect turned world renowned Pastry Designer, Ukraine.
  • Ar. Rajan Bhatt, Principal and Founder, Bezel Designs and Communications, Mool Foundation and Street Studio, Jaipur.

Over 400 participants explored topics on

  • Architectural Portfolio by Tahaer Zoyab, Director, Triple O Studio, Chennai.
  • Set Design by Sarang Patwardhan,Set Designer, Film Industry.
  • Power of Case Studies in Design Learning by Nikita Verma, Chief-In-ideation,Ethos and Shivani Chaudry, Delhi.
  • Mandala Art - Dharshini, Mandala Art Educator, Scholar Arts, Coimbatore.
  • Sketch to Design - Ar. Anuj Kale, Leewardists, Nasik.
  • Parametric Modelling - Ar.Prabhat Arora, Principal, Arora Architects, Former architect at Zaha Hadid Architects.
Day 1: 30 October 2021

Ms.Thevar Dhanapriya Manish, IV Year B.Arch., and one of the Event Planning Heads welcomed all the guests, faculty and students. Mr.Siva Surya, IV Year, B. Arch., and Event Coordinator briefed the theme,“Sustainability and Futuristic Architecture”, followed by remarks given by Zonal President and Events Head of 64thExecutive Council,NASA India. The Vice Chancellor,HITS, Dr.S.N.Sridhara delivered the presidential address which was proceeded with a special address delivered by Ar.Vergis Oommen, Distinguished Visiting Faculty and Dr. Sheeba Chander, Dean, HITS.The Chief Guest for the day, Dr. Christaine M Herr, President, CAADRIA, Professor, School of Design SUSTech, delivered the keynote address highlighting where the future of architecture will be directed. The Director,HITS, Mr.Ashok Verghese released this year’s souvenir and graciously started the event. Vote of thanks was delivered by Ms. Farheena, III Year, B. Arch., and U.sec - NASA, SPADE, HITS.

Keynote Session 1

Topic: The Future of Cybernetics in Architecture
Dr. Chritiane M Herr introduced the new perspective of cybernetics and its importance in architecture.The delegates were given the opportunity to learn about history, importance and various other applications of cybernetics in architectural design.

Talk Series 2

Speaker: AR.TONY JOSEPH, STAPATI, Principal Architect, Kochi.
Topic: Modern Interpretation of Traditional Architecture
The talk led to be an engaging interactive one, displaying the speaker’s buildings all over India and explaining how students can modernize traditional architecture.

Talk Series 3

The second half of the day was planned for fun filled technical events. Lot of student delegates came up to show their interest, competitive spirits and enthusiasm from various colleges.Quiz, Word Scramble, JAM-Just a Minute and Block and Tackle were held simultaneously with exciting questions and situations for participants to enjoy.

Day 2: 31 October 2021
Theme: Diversity in Futuristic Architecture
Keynote Session 2:

Speaker: AR.GREG TRUEN, SAOTA, Director, OKHA & ARRCC, Capetown.
Topic:Innovation in Architecture for a Sustainable Future
The speaker shared his knowledge and ideologies of professional experience on incorporating passive design technologies for a small-scale design to larger urban projects and the importance of nature friendly and nature sensible architecture for a sustainable future.

Talk Series 4

Speaker: AR.BIJU KURIAKOSE - Architecture, Red, Co-Founder, Chennai.
Topic: Architecture and Urbanism
Insightful thoughts on the need for public spaces and placemaking architecture in the urban context and the speaker’s contribution to human society by satisfying the public needs and demands were shared.

Talk Series 5

Speaker: AR.JAYAKAR PRIYADHARSHAN - JYKR Architecture, Founder, Chennai.
Topic: Sci-Fi and Futuristic Architecture
The speaker elaborated on how he approached architecture through his own application and techniques such as fusion of Artificial intelligence with aspects of architecture to give a new outlook.

Talk Series 6

Speaker: AR.VAMSI KRISHNA VEMURI - Furturly, Co-Founder, Frankfurt.
Topic: Speculative Architecture and Design
The speaker showcased a different perspective to the future of architecture through his exciting projects aided with technological advancements.He explained in brief about the eccentric utilization of Computation; real-time visualization, working in the intersection of digital media, speculative fiction, technological and architectural discourse.

On-the-Spot - Technical Events:

Exciting technical events such as Guess the city, Connexions, PhotoCaptions, and Memory Game gave students a chance to recall the general knowledge about architecture and taking them back to their starting days of architecture student in colleges. All the on-the-spot technical events paved the way for the students to test their spontaneity, enthusiasm and grassroots of architecture.


The Event Planning Head, Ms.Kaviya.V.Eswarr, IV Year, B. Arch., welcomed all the spectators, faculty and dignitaries. The Event Coordinator, Mr.Siva Surya, IV Year B. Arch., gave an overview of all the prerecorded events and the main events. Mr. Anurag Gautam,National Secretary, and Mr.Chaitanya Gajbiye,National Treasurer, 64thExecutive Council, NASA India remarked on the event’s success and its reach to the audience and released the Zonal Newsletter. The Chief Guest of the valedictory session Ar.Benjamin Piper, Principal Architect Killa Design, Dubai with 20 years of experience in architecture and urban planning across US, UK, India and China addressed all the student delegates with a short speech. It was followed by the Guest of Honor, Ar.Niroop Kumar Reddy, Principal Architect NA Architects, Hyderabad; and Alumnus of Spade, HITS delivering a special motivational address. Dr.Sheeba Chander, Dean, SPADE announced the winners and runners of Design competition and On-the-spot technical events. Ar. Devisree, Associate Professor, SPADE unboxed the results of Prerecorded Cultural Events and appreciated the students’ involvement. Ms. Sandra, II Year, B. Arch., and Unit designee, NASA, SPADE, HITS proposed the vote of thanks by extending her gratitude for collaborating with NASA, the main speakers, interview speakers, workshop instructors, judges and every single person involved in making the event a memorable experience for all.