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DEBSOC: WALK THE SHOES | Event Date: Friday, 24th, June 2022

The Debsoc wing of Athena-The Literary Club of the Department of Languages organized the event – WALK THE SHOES on the 24th of June, 2022. The Prelims was conducted on 7th of June, 2022. The team of Debsoc put on a strong beginning for the events to come from Athena – The Literary Club. The judges of the prelims were Ms. Clarisse Rouabah and Dr. Richard Jagadeesan, faculties from the Department of Languages, and for Finals the judges were Dr.M.K.Badrinarayanan, Head of the Department of Business & Dr. Akkara Sherine -Head of Languages & Rankings.



Neha of B.Tech CSE, 2nd year, and Vishnu N of B.Tech Aerospace, 2nd year, were the emcees of the event. Ragesh Shyam of B. Tech Aerospace, 2nd year, recited a hymn, 'Who Am I’ by Casting Crowns, for an auspicious beginning to the first event of the scholastic year.

The head of the DebSoc wing, Jessica S of B. Tech Aerospace, 2nd year, introduced the judges, Mr. Richard Jagadeesan and Ms. Clarisse Roubah from the Department of Languages, Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science.

Participants were permitted to choose the character they wanted for the preliminary round. Two minutes were allotted for them to perform a mimicry of the character and impress the judges, with a minute buffer. Beyonce, Abdul Kalam, Snape, Joker, and Bruce Lee are some of the figures that were chosen by the participants.

Dr. Sonu Joseph, Assistant Professor, Department of Languages and the Faculty Coordinator of Athena Literary Club, delivered the welcome address, where she urged the students to enhance their participation in the upcoming events. She also mentioned how ‘Walk The Shoes’, the first event of the scholastic year, would help build the personalities and skill sets of the students.

The Head of the Department of Languages, Dr. Sherine, delivered a speech where she spoke about motivation & importance of participation and evolution through extracurricular activities. Further, the judges shared their opinion and Dr. Richard Jagadeesan congratulated the students who took part in the event, and Ms. Clarisse Roubah commended them for participating despite not being from Liberal Arts backgrounds. The students who will compete in the finals, being held on the 27th of June 2022, are Somasakshini A. K., Fahima Banu, Navaneetan M., S. D. Hirthik Sai, Kevin V., and Claude Robin.

Rakshan Purushothoman, 2nd year B. Tech Mechatronics student and coordinator of DebSoc then proposed the vote of thanks to conclude the event.


The final round of 'Walk The Shoes' was hosted by Swati Jha, a second-year student from B.Tech Mechatronics, who did a great job emceeing the event. To ensure a good start to the show, Vishnu N., a B.Tech Aerospace second-year student, recited the hymn, 'Showers of Blessings'.

The Head of the Department of Languages, Dr. Sherine, was then invited to deliver the welcome address. She spoke about how Athena has been helping the students to improve their skills, build their personalities and achieve their goals by participating in events organized by all the different wings of it.

Rakshan Purushothoman, a second-year B.Tech Mechatronics student and the coordinator of DebSoc, explained the premises of the event to the audience. This was followed by the introduction of the finalists, which was done by Ragesh Shyam, a second-year B.Tech Aerospace and president of Athena. The head of DebSoc, Jessica S., a second-year B.Tech Aerospace student, introduced the Chief Guest, Dr. M. K. Badrinarayanan, Professor and Head of the School of Management of Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science.

The rules for the competition were then explained by Nivethitha, a second-year B.Tech Aeronautical student, and were as follows: it was to take place in two rounds which were a minimum of three minutes each, where students were assigned well-known figures and paired up. In the first one, participants had to incorporate three phrases into their pre-prepared speech and in the second, had to improve under a certain scenario.

S.D. Hirthik Sai and Navaneetan M. were assigned the role of Akbar and Birbal, whereas Claude Robin and Somasakshini A. K. were given the role of Athena and Medusa. Fahima Banu and Kevin V. had to portray Joe Biden and Donald Trump. They each enacted their speeches and tried to impress the judges.

Before the results were announced, the Chief Guest congratulated all the finalists and applauded their effort. The winners of the event were Hirthik Sai, a B.Tech Aeronautical second-year student, and Kevin V., a third-year Biotechnology student was the runner-up. Rakshan concluded the event with a vote of thanks.