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HITSCAT 2023   I
   Counselling Dates: June 07 to 10, 2023


AICTE Training and Learning Academy, also known as “ATAL,” is an initiative by AICTE to plan and help in imparting quality technical education in the country. It promotes conducting Faculty Development Programs (FDPs) with the help of a grant. The Department of Civil Engineering has received a grant of Rs. 93000 to conduct a five-day FDP on “Intelligent Transport Systems” between 5 and 9 July 2021.

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) is an area where day-to-day traffic and transport problems are addressed and solved using a variety of multi-branch technologies such as sensors, data analytics, simulation, advanced electronics, and new computing and communication technologies. Toll collection using FASTag, traveler information systems, route guidance systems, advanced traffic control systems, traffic police control systems are some examples. The core is in civil engineering, especially, transportation engineering, since the basic infrastructure for all such ITS applications depends on the provision and maintenance of roads and highways. Civil engineers evaluate the impact of ITS applications and choose the ones that optimally help solve the congestion issues.

“ITS” is a well-known field elsewhere in advanced countries, and it is catching up fast in India. The event is coordinated by one the faculty members, Professor Dr. P. Chandrasekar who has around twenty years of experience in ITS area, mostly from Singapore (a city-state known for successful ITS applications). Speakers with expertise in above-mentioned areas will provide more insight on the subject matter.