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14th International Patent | Event Date: Wednesday, 25th, August 2021

The 14thInternational Patentfor the invention titled “A Trust Based Clustering Protocol” has been obtained by Dr. P. N.Renjith, Associate Professor; and Dr. Ramesh K., Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

About the Patent:

The invention relates to a field of wireless technologies. Specifically, to a method for transmitting information by allocating a sensor node with wireless sensor networks. The immense development of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) has made an incredible advancement in wireless technology. IoT (Internet of Things) has provided a tremendous opportunity in the development of various applications in the field of military, research, medical, engineering and many more. In this invention, a novel Trust based secure energy-aware routing protocol is proposed. The invented algorithm focuses on the reduction of time utilization of cluster formation and improves the lifetime of the cluster. The clusters include cluster head, secondary cluster heads and sensor nodes for monitoring environmental changes like heat, humidity, temperature, acidity or even motion detection. The network lifetime is improved by performing secure on-demand multi-hop routing with aggregation technique to forward data from a cluster to the base station. The experimental result has proven that energy efficiency and network lifetime is improved when compared with relevant works on clustering with the routing protocol.