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WIFI Policy


  • Usage of Wireless infrastructure in hostels and common places is to enhance the accessibility of internet for academic purposes and to browse exclusive online resource for student’s/faculty members and staffs.
  • Wi-Fi internet availability in Hostels and Common areas timings 6 AM to 11 PM. Availability of the Wi-Fi signal will vary from place to place. The signal strength also may vary from location to location.
  • As per University IT data policy the free Wi-Fi usage quota is limited per Year to prevent misuse.UG students are provided 12GB, PG students are provided 16GB and Research Scholars/ Staffs 20GB per year. Extra data usage will be charged. Yearly/ Semester data quota policy may vary as per University directions.
  • During University working hours mobile/smartphone Wi-Fi usage is prohibited for students.
  • The access points provided in hostels and common areas are the property of University and any damage or loss of the equipment will be considered as a serious breach of University’s code of conduct and disciplinary action will be initiated on the students who are found guilty for the loss or damage of the Wireless Infrastructure or the corresponding equipment’s in the hostels and buildings. In the incident of any loss or damage to the wireless infrastructure, it will be assessed and the same will be recovered from all the students who are residing in that floor/building/hostel.


Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), statutory body that controls the Internet Service Providers (ISPs.) in India directed all Universities to take strong steps in strengthening the security of Wi- Fi networks and the users with Wi-Fi device should be registered with authorities and ensure that no other mobile clients, other than registered one, is allowed in Wi-Fi network access. University has rights to do lawful monitoring/logging of all internet user’s activity and share it with statutory bodies, if warranted.

Any user or device that accesses Wi-Fi network shall:

  • Protect the user account from unauthorized use by not sharing the credentials to others for any reasons/mean. You will be held responsible for any misuse of your account. Maximum Number of Concurrent (simultaneous) logins for a user account is ONE device either laptop/tablet/smartphone.
  • Use the Internet Judiciously and adhere to University/hostel policies.
  • Incidences of actual or suspected


Permission to use Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Scheme for class room teaching has been accorded subject to the following conditions.

  • Faculty members can use the gadgets inside the class rooms and laboratories only for educational purpose.
  • Only Staff members who have already been authorized to use mobile phones can make calls, send SMS, surf the internet, take photos or use any other application for educational activities. Other staff members are permitted to use cell phone inside the class rooms and laboratories only for educational purpose.
  • Mobile phones should not disrupt the lecture or lab sessions with ringtones, music or beep sound.
  • Accessing social network sites such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc. is strictly prohibited in the Campus. However, the subject handling faculty members can access Google class room, MOOC, Moodle’s, ERP, etc.