Funded Projects


Sr No. Title of the Project Dept. Investigators Amount Sanctioned in (Lakhs) Funding Agency Sanctioned On Remarks
1 Numerical Simulations of hull propeller interaction of underwater vehicle with mounted propeller Mech Dr. D.G. Roychowdhury 17.73 NRB 2008 COMPLETED
2 Characterization and Utilization of High volume fly ash on Concrete for Structure Application CIVIL Dr. P.S. Joanna 23.91 BRNS,DAE 2011 COMPLETED
3 Intelligent Systems for adaptive enhancement of Images of Underwater Images for Accurate objects Recognition. ANRO Dr. M.M. Ramya  20.01 NRB (DRDO) 28.02.2013 COMPLETED
4 Enhancement of photovoltaic efficiency by down conversion phosphors for Underwater solar panels towards Naval applications. CENCON Dr. Pushpamithira Panghiri 24.46 NRB (DRDO) 03.06.2013 COMPLETED
5 Development of CO2 Absorbant as IS-5321 Standard using Indigenous Raw Materials. CHEMISTRY Dr. P.S. Raghavan 18.84 NRB (DRDO) 05.05.2014 COMPLETED
6 Nanoparticles of TPA and CsTPA as catalysts for Biodiesel Production from used cooking Oils with High Acid Value. CHEMICAL Dr. A. Anitha  24.31 DST
(Alternate Fuel)
19.08.2014 COMPLETED
7 Hybrid Energy Management System using Cyber – Physical Controller for Real time EMS of Micro- grid Applications. EEE  Dr. A.K. Parvathy 35.95 MNRE 22.12.2014 COMPLETED
8 Design & Development of 1 KW Hybrid Vertical Axis Wind Turbine System for Low wind Speed Regimes. MECH  Dr. M. Premkumar 28.61 MNRE 30.12.2014 COMPLETED
9 Development of Multi-functional Nano carriers for Cancer Theranostics. CHEMISTRY Dr. M. Prabaharan  55.56 DST(Nano-mission) 31.10.2014 COMPLETED
10 Trainer for Tactical Warfare ANRO Dr. M.M. Ramya 9.63 CVRDE (DRDO) 22.04.2015 COMPLETED
11 Numerical Bird Material Model Parameters through Dynamic Test of Brid Projectile AERO Dr. K. Ramajeyathilagam &  Mr. Stanley Samlal 9.66 GTRE (DRDO) 08.09.2015 COMPLETED
12 Development of Austempered Ductile Iron for Automotive Casting MECH Dr. D.G. HarrisSamuael &                Dr. D. Dinakaran 45.26 Newton Bhaba Fund (India – UK project) 06.01.2016 ONGOING
13 Recovery of hydrogen from sulphide waste streams CIVIL Dr. V. Preethi 10.5 SERB 22.03.2016 ONGOING
14 Adaptive Controlled Non-contact Suction Chamber and Cup based Wall Climbing Robot   EIE Dr. UppuRamachandraiah & Dr. G. Muthukumaran 21.8 BRNS(DAE) 15.04.2016 ONGOING
15 Development of Multichannel Adaptive Active Noise Control System adjacent to Noisy Equipment   EIE Dr. UppuRamachandraiah &  Dr. G.Muthukumaran 23.45 BRNS(DAE) 18.04.2016 ONGOING
16 Embedding Problems in Networks and Applications MATHS Dr. R. Sundara Rajan 17.00 NBHM 21.04.2016 ONGOING
17 Enhancement of heat transfer using silicon carbide nanoparticles and whiskers based Nano fluids CHEMICAL Dr. N. Kavitha 27.37 DST 04.07.2016 CLOSED
18 Distance based topological indices problems in cheminformatics and its applications MATHS Dr. R. Sundara Rajan 14.69 DST(SERB) 29.12.2016 ONGOING
19 Application of NDT for Foundry Products and improving skill of Indian Foundry Men ANRO & MECH Dr. D. Dinakaran &                Dr. D.G. Harris samuel &                   Dr. M.M. Ramya   40.8 Newton Bhaba fund 23.02.2017 ONGOING
20 Composites Fuel Tanks for MBT MECH Dr. Ramakrishnan 21.5 CVRDE(DRDO) 08.05.2017 ONGOING
21 Coupled fluid-structure interaction studies due to underwater explosion around submerged composite pressure hull AERO Dr. K. Ramajeyathilagam &  Mr. C. Suresh 39.6 NRB (DRDO)  24.08.2017 ONGOING
22 CARS on Development of Ultra Response Gas purging system ANRO Dr. D. Dinakaran 9.82 MTRDC (DRDO) 12.09.2017 ONGOING
23 Low cost patient assistive Robot  ANRO Dr. M.M. Ramya
Dr. D. Dinakaran
44.99 Newton  Royal Academic of Engineering  08.03.2018 ONGOING
24 Optional Dispatch of Virtual Power Plant using Cyber – Physical controller for Realtime EMS EEE  Dr. A.K. Parvathy
Dr. Deiva Sundari
Dr. K.R. Devabalaji
45.12 Newton  Royal Academic of Engineering  08.03.2018 ONGOING
25 Development of see through wall climbing eddy current sensor for blade detection EIE Dr. Uppu Ramachandraiah
& Dr. G. Muthukumaran
9.85 GTRE (DRDO) 01.07.2018 ONGOING
26 Estimation of shock levels and its impact on the underwater axi-symmetric bodies due to water entry and pyro shock AERO Dr. K. Ramajeyathilagam  & Mr. Stanley Samlal 6.65 NSTL 11.07.2018 ONGOING
27 Edge Saturated Si₂BN Nano-Ribbon as High-Capacity Anode Materials for Next Generation Mg Ion Batteries CENCON Dr. Puspamitra Panigrahi 21.3 SERB 05.11.2018 ONGOING
28 Design, Development and Characterization of electrostatic sensor with digital electronic system for Debris Monitoring in Gas turbines EIE Dr. Uppu Ramachandraiah
& Dr. S. Sekar
9.98 GTRE (DRDO) 14.12.2018 ONGOING
29 German -Indian R & D study on innovative concepts for traffic and vehicle safety AUTO Dr. Jai Kumar 397.25 DAAD 01.01.2019 ONGOING
30 Development of a mobile wall climbing robot for the internal non-destructive testing (NDT) of storage tanks and for project based learning on mechatronics programs  ANRO Dr.  D. Dinakaran
Dr. M.M. Ramya
Dr. R.M. Kuppan Chetty
46.3 Newton  Royal Academic of Engineering  21.02.2019 ONGOING
31 Wall climbing robot with reduced sound levels using active noise control EIE Dr. Uppu Ramachandraiah   Dr. G. Muthukumaran           Dr. E. Sathish      60.62 DRDO 28.06.2019 ONGOING
32 A new formulation of general fuzzy automata with outputs associated with the transitions Maths Dr.Nagarajan 7.38 Malaysian 14.08.2019 ONGOING
33 Development of position control system EIE Dr. Uppu Ramachandraiah   Dr. G. Muthukumaran             9.75 GTRE (DRDO) 10.9.2019 ONGOING
34 Adaptive control ofrobotic fettling for asymmetric geometry snd close  tolerance cast components ANRO Dr.  D. Dinakaran 42 SERB 16.10.2019 ONGOING
35 Sn integrated 3D, porous carbon based Scaffolds as high capacity anode for Sodium-ion batteries". CENCON Dr. Veena R 18.3 SERB 06.11.2019 ONGOING
36 Development of an on-line Measurement system for Hydrogen Concentration in Steam Environment   Dr.U.Ramachandraiah 45.36 Aerb 04.02.2020 ONGOING
37 Development of Anti-cancer drug response predction model using ensemble learning for clinical applications CSE Dr. P. Selvi Rajendran     Dr. S. Suchitra 17.06 ICMR 07.08.2020 ONGOING
38 Development of Autonomous Heterogeneous Robotic Swarm Simulator for Faster Disaster Reconnaissance and Mitigation ANRO Dr. RM. Kuppan Chetty
Dr. M.M. Ramya
Ms. N. Seenu
53.67 Newton  Royal Academic of Engineering  25.02.2021 ONGOING
39 Development of highly efficient direct Z-scheme heterostructure photocatalyst based on 2D metal sulfide for CO₂ reduction Chemistry Dr. Indrajit Shown 49 SERB 22.11.2021 ONGOING