Consultancy Projects-In Pipeline

  • Data Analytics for Tamilnadu Police Crime dataset Dr. Judith Leo and Dr.S. Suchitra

Research Projects


  • Sign Language Recognition using Machine Learning Dr. Judith Leo and Mr. Rajesh Rajan
  • Disaster Impact Mitigation using KDD and SVM algorithms Dr. John Aravindhar and Dr. K.Padmaveni
  • Robust Assistive System for Visually Challenged People Dr. Judith Leo and Dr.Suchitra
  • Protecting Autonomous system from cyber-attack using water marking Technique Dr.P.Ranjana
  • Analytics for cleansing brain wave signal from EEG -Machine Learning Mr.D.Praveen Kumar, A.P, CSE

Students Projects

  • Development of a defect tracking system .
  • Accident Detection and Surveillance Through Smartphone.
  • Emotion Classification Using MLP.
  • Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Big Data.
  • An Ultimate Software Suite Creation and Implementation for High Speed Dynamic Fruit Sorter Machine.
  • Secure Payment Gateway Protocol.
  • A Passive Solution for CPU Utilization in Cloud Networks.
  • HITS Management System.
  • Voting System using Block Chain.
  • Toxic Sewage Gas Detector.