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Specialization in Nano Technology

  • Specialization in Nano Technology

About the Course

Nanotechnology is the engineering of tiny machines, using techniques and tools to make complete and highly advanced products. Nanotechnology enables the control of matter at the nanometer scale, using mechanochemistry . This exciting area of scientific development promises ‘more for less’. It has opened up avenues to create smaller, cheaper, lighter and faster devices that can do more and cleverer things, use fewer raw materials and consume less energy.

TNanotechnology offers opportunities in creating new features and functions. It is already providing solutions to many long-standing medical, social and environmentalissues. Nanotechnology has become a field of increasing global interest because of its potential.Also nanotechnology is attracting more public funding than any other area of technology,and is one area of research that is truly multidisciplinary.

Considering the tremendous scope and application of Nanotechnology, career opportunities in the fields of nanoscale science and technology is also expanding . A professional in the field of Nanotechnology can easily find lucrative career opportunities in various sectors like nano-medicine, bio-informatics, stem cell development,pharmaceutical companies, nano toxicology and nano power generating sectors.

Also varied opportunities are available in industries like: Health ,Agriculture,Environment Industry,Food and Beverages,Space Research,Product development and advising,Academic and Teaching,R & D in government,universities and private research institutes,Genetics,Bio-Technology Communication & Media,Forensic science & many other new industries emerging as a result of advances in nanotechnology.

Duration : 2 Years