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B.Tech Manufacturing Engineering

  • B.Tech Manufacturing Engineering

Scope of the Course

  • Manufacturing is considered the backbone of any industrialized country as a country's level of manufacturing activity is a directly related to its economy.
  • Manufacturing Engineering is a multi-disciplinary activity comprising mechanical properties and metallurgical characteristics of materials, process analysis, tribology, machine tools and other production equipments and processes

Salient Features

  • Manufacturing Engineering is a systematic process of converting raw materials into semi finished or finished goods. A number of processes are available to the engineer for this conversion process. This programme encompass all those processes starting from product design through various processes and equipments and enables the engineer to optimize the resources available to him in order to produce a quality product at the most economical cost and meet the end-users requirements.
  • Hands-on experience of the theory is provided by the well-designed laboratory practicals in the latest areas of manufacturing engineering / technology
  • The syllabus for each subject is so crafted to include the recent trends in this area.
  • Subjects pertaining to manufacturing management are also included in the programme
  • Project work by the students during the higher semesters is an unique feature enabling and motivating the students to showcase their creativity, innovation and talents in designing and manufacturing of products.

Career Opportunities

  • The programme has acquired a good academic status now. Recent trends in manufacturing processes are being taught with sound analytical approaches.
  • With the advent of globalization and liberalization, on-time delivery, quality and quantity have become more important and for academically well-equipped students. Job opportunities are plenty in the manufacturing sector not only in India but also abroad.
  • By undergoing this program at the under graduate level, the students will become highly knowledgeable professional engineers who are able to meet the demands of the industries and global competition.

Duration : 4 Years